UIH and RaySearch enter into new partnership

Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co. Ltd. (UIH) and RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) (RaySearch) have entered into a collaboration within which RaySearch’s treatment planning system RayStation and radiation oncology system RayCare will be adapted to support the UIH linear accelerators.

Within a few short years, UIH has become a leading vendor of advanced imaging equipment, including CT, PET-CT and MRI systems. Last November, UIH introduced their first radiation therapy system, the uRT-linac506C, at CSTRO in Beijing. This hybrid CT-linac is the world’s first medical linear accelerator with fully-integrated diagnostic-quality CT imaging. It is designed from the ground-up to support adaptive radiation therapy re-planning and provides the highest precision soft-tissue-based image-guidance.

RayStation already supports a broad range of treatment machines, radiation therapy modalities, and treatment techniques. Since day one, RayStation has focused on adaptive radiation therapy (ART), recognizing it as key to implementing personalized care and optimizing treatment outcomes. To perform ART, RayStation has a found a perfect partner in the UIH CT-linac, since the latter combines full treatment-plan-quality imaging with the latest treatment capabilities for photon therapies. The digital workflows in RayCare that are tailored for efficient adaptive radiation therapy, make ART even more accessible to all types of clinics. UIH’s CT-linac, as well as their standard linac, will be the first conventional photon linacs to be supported by RayCare.

Johan Löf, CEO and founder of RaySearch Laboratories, says:

There has been a lack of competition in the space of conventional linacs for a long time and I very much welcome that UIH has taken the step into this market. Their CT-linac, in particular, is a great example of a sensible combination of diagnostic imaging and a therapeutic device and I look forward to adding it, as well as the standard UIH linac, to our repertoire of supported treatment systems.

Cheng Ni, CEO of UIH’s Radiation Therapy Business Unit, remarked:

This collaboration with RaySearch will enable us to provide a strong software suite as an option to a wide range of clinics, including the most demanding academic centers in the world. It makes it possible for clinics to use our ground-breaking CT-linac in conjunction with other delivery systems inside a single unified software platform.


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