Tradeshow Talks with Safe-T

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Tradeshow Talks with Safe-T
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Tell us about the company and why you are attending Health GB 2018.

We are here to promote our automatic needle retraction device that helps prevent needle stick injuries in healthcare settings. Our device is now in the production stage so we are here to connect with distributors and to commercialize our product.

How does the product work?

The collection tube is surrounded by a barrel. You insert the collection tube into the barrel containing the needle, preventing any possibility of a needlestick injury.

When you push the needle into the collection tube, the patient feels nothing at all. Then, when you are finished, you simply push the plunger down until the needle clicks and withdraws into the barrel. It can then be disposed of without anybody having to handle the needle.

You can stick it in your pocket or even retrieve it from a sharps box later on. The key to the whole thing is that you do not have to remove the needle from the patient. Once you remove the needle from the patient, that's when you are at risk of being exposed to infectious agents from their blood.

How does the product differ to products that are already available on the market?

There are other products on the market, but they all suffer from some kind of disadvantage. Some of them are uncomfortable for the patient, for example ‘Butterfly’ style devices, because you have to push the needle into the patient to retract it.

Our system uses WHO standard needles and a standard vacuumed container that is simple to use. It is also recognizable to healthcare professionals so doesn’t require any additional training.

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