Tradeshow Talks with ​BridgeMaster Medical

Tradeshow Talks with
​BridgeMaster Medical
Booth E24

Can you tell us about the company and the work you do?

We are at Health GB to help give us the exposure to all the specialists who will be here. We're a manufacturing company, UK designed and UK manufactured. We take existing products that are in the markets and providing enhancements to them. We are taking away some of the difficulties that previously was faced. We call it evolution and revolution. What we do, we provide single-use disposable instruments, devices, medical devices, into the market. We provide a better quality and at a reduced price.

Can you tell us about some of the products you have on show today?

We're mainly involved in obstetrics, gynecology, and coloproctology. So the obstetrics and gynecology is basically based around fetal blood sample. So we have the light source, which is our Amnioscope and ELA, and again, single use instruments, everything we put there is ready to use, so it's used at a very critical time during birth and delivery. It follows alongside cardiotocography if the baby's in distress in any way during the birth process, then we can go in and take a pH sample, and measure to see whether there's acidosis taking place. Also, it aids with the decision-making process around the cesarean section. So hopefully reduces the cesarean section rate or the necessity to go to cesarean section. It helps with that decision making process.

So then coloproctology, we're actually just launching a new product just now. It's going to come into the markets in the next couple of weeks, and it's Cobra, and it's a round hemorrhoid finding device. What we've done again, we've addressed the issues around the ligation products that are used within this process. At the moment, a lot of them are pre-loaded. We've done a lot of studies into the loss of elasticity, within the compound breakdown within the bands, which leads to drop off during the procedure. So, there's a 20% drop off rate at the moment. What we've got with Cobra is individually loaded cartridges, where the band stretches. Each time it stretches is when it's being used. So we've got from 3 mm to 50 mm and back to 3 mm within seconds, and there's no drop offs. So, again, it gives the option that you can use one single gun, one single patient, but you can use it multiple times. Pre-loaded guns really, you can only use four to six times. Throw them away, or put them in the pack and do it again.

What benefits will your products and services have for the healthcare industry?

One, we would provide savings, but as well we would provide solutions to issues we've found. Speaking to the users of the products. What problems do they come across? There's nothing that comes pre-loaded, so you've got to open up the fillery tubes, load them up to your sampling device. You've got to load in your battery to your amnioscopes, and to your light sources. We have everything pre-loaded, so basically, it's twist and go with the lights, lock and load with your wand, as we call it. We also created an oblique blade, a sharp, oblique blade, as opposed to a flatter blade, so it's less invasive for the people's scalp, so before there was a criss-cross action that used to take place. Now, it's a single action, a small little nick, so it's less invasive to the baby.

Where can our readers go to find out more?

Please visit our Booth E24 or visit our website


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