DeNovix introduces first imaging cell counter without slides

DeNovix Inc. announces the launch of the CellDrop Automated Cell Counter. CellDrop is the first instrument to incorporate DeNovix’ patent-pending DirectPipette Technology, removing the need for expensive, environmentally damaging plastic slides.

CellDrop FL

Image credit: DeNovix

Drawing on technology from the multi-award-winning DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer, CellDrop brings the simple Load, Measure & Wipe Clean functionality of nanovolume spectrophotometers to cell counting.

The unique, variable volume counting chamber can be automatically adjusted to the optimum height for each sample, delivering greater accuracy and allowing measurements across the widest range of cell densities, 7x10e2 and 4x10e7 cells without the need for dilution or concentration.

Our company is focused on developing bio-research products that make workflows easier and address researcher pain points. Many life scientists spoke of their desire to eliminate the cost and waste associated with automated cell counters, so we developed CellDrop. The instrument not only hits that mark, but it also delivers unrivaled performance and ease of use.”

DeNovix CEO Fred Kielhorn

Combining dual fluorescence and brightfield optics with powerful on board EasyApps® software enables a range of cell counting, viability and transfection efficiency assays. Instruments come pre-installed with apps for AO/PI, Brightfield, Trypan Blue, GFP and allows the functionality to easily customize methods.

The CellDrop is a stand-alone instrument, with a high definition, 7” touchscreen ideal for reviewing live images, data and reports. All instruments contain Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity, allowing users to easily export data via email, network drives, network printers or USB drive.

CellDrop is available in dual fluorescence and brightfield or brightfield only models.


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