International trialists receive prestigious award for research on low-dose aspirin

The international trialists Professors Lars Wallentin, Jan van Gijn, Bo Norrving and Tom Meade were recognized for their work on low-dose aspirin, with the presentation of the International Aspirin Foundation Senior Science Award.

The award, supported by Bayer AG, was presented at a virtual ceremony, during which the recipients gave both historic and up to date accounts of their work.

Professor Wallentin gave a presentation on low dose aspirin in acute coronary syndrome, and the findings of the RISC research group.

The influence of this work was put into context with a 2020 review that showed the recent pharmacology interventions in acute coronary syndromes.

Professor Norrving reflected on the Swedish Low-dose Aspirin Trial (SALT), expanding on the data findings over four decades, giving an up to date perspective on the secondary prevention of low dose aspirin in stroke.

Prof Norrving makes the point that this basic therapy should be globally available as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Professor van Gijn discussed the optimal aspirin dose to reduce the risk of TIA's or non-disabling brain ischaemia which led to the Dutch TIA trial. The trial proved 30mg was equal to 300mg in efficacy.

Professor Peter Rothwell, who has worked closely with Prof Meade, gave the presentation on the two novel interventions in the Thrombosis Prevention Trial (TPT).

The trial provided evidence that aspirin reduces non-fatal ischaemic heart disease. The important records kept from this trial have influenced work in aspirin prevention of cancer, particularly CRC.

Professor Carlo Patrono presented the awards.


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