A better qPCR pipetting experience with VIAFLO electronic pipettes

INTEGRA Biosciences’ VIAFLO electronic pipettes are making qPCR plate preparation the straightforward process it should be for researchers in the Saint-Geniez lab at Harvard Medical School.

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Preparation of qPCR plates is a repetitive, time-consuming task when done manually, and having the right pipettes makes all the difference. Postdoctoral researcher Daisy Shu explained: “After graduating in optometry, I moved into research, studying cataracts – clouding of the lens – for my PhD at the University of Sydney before taking up my present position in Boston, where I’m working on age-related macular degeneration.”

“Harvard introduced me to VIAFLO electronic pipettes – a 125 µl eight channel pipette plus a 12.5 µl single channel version – which dramatically improved my pipetting experience. A lot of our work is PCR-based and performed in 384 well plates, and the VIAFLO pipettes are real lifesavers. I use the eight channel VIAFLO for most qPCR liquid transfers, and the single channel pipette to add the primers. Once you've made your master mixes and programmed the pipette, it's really fast; it only takes me 20 minutes to do a complete 384 well plate. I'm really surprised when I hear people from other labs say they pipette each well individually with manual single channel pipettes. I’m sure that would take forever. It's just so easy with the VIAFLO pipettes.”

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