Heart Failure 2021 to showcase latest evidence on prevention, management of heart failure

The latest evidence on the prevention and management of heart failure will be showcased at Heart Failure 2021, an online scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

Heart Failure is the annual congress of the Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the ESC. The meeting will be held 29 June to 1 July online. Explore the scientific programme.

Original research will be presented in hundreds of scientific abstracts. Discover the associations between cancer and heart failure, and the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on heart failure hospitalizations. In addition: how do hot and cold weather affect patients with heart failure? Plus new data on depression, sleep problems and cognitive decline. And much, much more.

This is more than an online event. Some sessions will be broadcast live from Florence, where international experts will gather for spirited debates and exchanges of ideas."

Massimo Piepoli, Professor and Chairperson, Scientific Programme

Medication is one of the tools for improving quality of life in patients with heart failure, along with physical activity, diet, and implantable devices - these aspects are the focus of a dedicated session. "Patients often ask us to improve the quality of their life, instead of concentrating only on extending life," said Professor Piepoli. "We will hear up-to-the-minute data on the most effective strategies to help patients with their daily activities, sleep, and sex and relationships."

Also on the agenda: COVID-19 update. Learn how to prevent new onset heart failure developing in patients with COVID-19. Plus how COVID-19 affects patients with chronic heart failure and ways to protect them from poor outcomes. Professor Piepoli said: "The meeting will feature experiences from practitioners in Europe and across the globe. One of the major messages for patients with chronic heart failure is to continue taking their drugs."

Digital health has rapidly expanded during the pandemic. What are the pros and cons? Which apps are useful for patients with heart failure? "Remote consultations and monitoring can particularly benefit patients with chronic conditions like heart failure," said Professor Piepoli.

"We will get a glimpse into the future of telemedicine in the treatment and follow-up of people living with this condition. Whether that be for rehabilitation or checking body weight, exercise, diet, blood pressure, medications, or devices."

Prevention of heart failure is another hot topic that will be explored - including the role of alcohol, vaping, smoking, and illicit drugs. "Healthy lifestyles are one way to avoid heart failure," said Professor Piepoli. "We will also hear how risk varies around the world and the different approaches needed to preserve and promote health."

Not to miss: preventing heart failure in cancer patients. "Drugs that effectively treat cancer may cause heart damage, with the consequence that patients die from heart failure," said Professor Piepoli. "But safe strategies have been developed whereby oncologists and heart failure specialists collaborate to treat cancer while avoiding heart failure."


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