Optimized Tube Plate for Enzyme Studies

BioChromato Inc. has developed an enzyme assay product - the RAPID Tube Plate 600 (TP-600) that is helping deliver outstanding results in in vitro metabolic stability studies.

Image credit: Biochromato Inc.

The TP-600 is manufactured from ultra-pure polypropylene that does not contain any enzyme inhibitors such as EDTA or other contaminants that may degrade your assay results. In addition, the TP-600 is guaranteed to be Human DNA, DNase and RNase free. Used with a BioChromato aluminium heating block the TP-600 is designed to provide superior thermal distribution between and in individual tube plate wells ensuring high consistency in results after incubation.

With a wide operating range of -80°C to +130°C the integrity of your TP-600 is unaffected by cryogenic storage or autoclave sterilisation at 121°C.

The TP-600's ANSI / SLAS compliant footprint and large 600 µL capacity per well provides the flexibility for this enzyme assay tube plate to be used in both manual and automated applications including pharmacokinetic assays, metabolic stability studies, high throughput screening and cold storage.

For further information on the RAPID Tube Plate 600 (TP-600) please visit https://biochromato.com/plate-and-seals/tube-plate-600/ contact BioChromato Inc. on +81-466-23-8382 / [email protected] / [email protected] and [email protected].  

Founded in 1983, BioChromato Inc is a respected Japanese manufacturer of unique high-quality products for chemical laboratories. Through its team of experienced technical experts and network of specialist distributors - BioChromato's aim is to enhance the efficiency of research and development through its development of problem-solving laboratory instruments and consumables.


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