Optibrium partners with FMC Corporation to transform agrochemical discovery

Optibrium, a leading developer of software and AI solutions for drug discovery, has signed a license agreement for its AI-powered discovery platform, Cerella, with FMC Corporation (FMC), a global leader in crop protection. Under the agreement, FMC will implement Cerella to enhance its agrochemical discovery programs and accelerate the development of its pipeline.

The ability to accurately predict the best compounds to synthesize and which to progress to further studies based on early experimental data has the potential to dramatically improve the cost, time, and success rate of small molecule discovery. However, sparse datasets, coupled with the infeasibility of running all relevant experiments on all compounds of interest to determine their properties, make this difficult to achieve.

Part of Optibrium’s Augmented Chemistry® suite of AI solutions, Cerella has been proven to accurately ‘fill in the gaps’ in sparse datasets and predict the best compounds for synthesis and the most valuable experiments to prioritize, improving the return on investment in compound synthesis and testing. Cerella has demonstrated success across a range of applications, cataloged by several peer-reviewed publications and collaborations, including in agrochemicals1, drug discovery2, and flavors and fragrances3. This latest collaboration with FMC further demonstrates Cerella’s ability to transform molecular discovery.

FMC's application of Cerella will be enhanced by an expanded license for Optibrium's StarDrop software for small molecule design, optimization, and data analysis, and collaborative support from Optibrium's expert scientists.

We are delighted that our robust AI and software platforms are supporting FMC, a global leader in crop protection, to enhance their discovery. FMC’s commitment to improving their processes with cutting-edge AI and machine learning approaches very much aligns with our own mission to revolutionize discovery with innovative scientific solutions, and we look forward to seeing the future impacts of this agreement.

Dr. Matt Segall, CEO, Optibrium

Dr. Seva Rostovtsev, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, FMC, added: “Our collaboration with Optibrium marks a pivotal moment in crop protection research. By integrating AI into our R&D efforts, we aim to revolutionize how we develop sustainable solutions for farmers and to enhance global food security.”



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