Dedicated minispec TD-NMR Analyzers for Industrial Quality Control Applications

The latest addition to the minispec mq series of Time-Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) analyzers. The new minispec TD-NMR has been further improved to provide unprecedented perfor­mance in an all-in-one design for exclusive industrial quality control applications. The award winning mq series covers a host of applications and provides expansion capabilities for both routine R&D and QC

The mq-one is more than a bench-top system. It is a complete, dedicated, off-the-shelf solution developed for quality control applications. The mq-one is easy to install and ready to operate in minutes, and it comes with detailed calibration and calibration transfer standards, whilst the multi-lingual minispec Plus software guarantees a traceable and intuitive workflow.


  • Easy to setup, easy to use
  • Compact design, smaller footprint
  • Fast, non-destructive analysis in seconds
  • Multilingual minispec Plus software
  • Ready-to-go calibration standards

Dedicated minispec mq-one Analyzers:

  • Solid fat content (SFC) analyzer
  • Spin finish analyzer
  • Hydrogen analyzer
  • Seed and seed XL analyzer
  • Polymer analyzer
  • Total fat analyzer

TD-NMR: The Method of Choice

The minispec mq-one analyzer uses TD-NMR spectroscopy, which is technically similar to the MRI and FT-NMR tech­nologies. The surface as well as the entire sample generates the NMR signals. The TD-NMR method does not require any solvents and with minimal sample preparation users can start their nondestructive analysis, which typically takes only a few seconds.

World-wide accepted Calibration and Calibration Transfer standards for various applications

World-wide accepted Calibration and Calibration Transfer standards for various applications


The minispec mq-one is a complete, ready-to-install analyzer that comes complete with traceable multi-language software and calibration standards. The instal­lation instructions are extremely easy. The mq-one is simply placed on the lab bench, followed by connecting two cables – the Ethernet cable is connected to the power cord and PC and then switched on. After a brief warm-up, the mq-one analyzer is operational.

Better for Laboratory

Nowadays, laboratory space is a premium. Com­pared to its earlier model, the minispec mq-one instrument has a smaller footprint and hence will not occupy a lot of valuable laboratory bench space. The mq-one is also a quiet runner: it has no external fans and produces less than 40 dB(A) of acoustic noise during operation, thus making the lab a quiet place to work.

Sample preparation and precise measurement with the mq-one made easy.

Sample preparation and precise measurement with the mq-one made easy.

Reliable Performance

Only an optimal system layout will provide accurate and long-term stable results. With its all-in-one design, the mq-one analyzer perfectly meets these needs. Short-term as well as long-term measurement stabilities for the target appli­cation have been further enhanced.

The internal temperature of the system is maintained at a constant higher than room temperature – usually but not limited to 40 °C – to within a 1/100 of a degree Celsius so as to ensure excellent performance in 24/7 operation.

Plug-and-play NMR Probes

The mq-one analyzer, as part of the minispec mq series, provides Bruker’s established plug-and-play NMR probe concept with automatic probe recognition. Moreover, simple, tool-free exchange for cleaning can be done in a fraction of seconds.

minispec Plus Software

The requirements for current industrial Quality Con­trol (QC) have grown since the launch of the minispec mq-series. To meet the present challenges, Bruker provides the 21 CFR part 11 compliant minispec Plus soft­ware for the minispec mq-one systems.

The soft­ware integrates ease of use, user admin­istration, multilingual support and an intuitive and traceable work-flow for calibration as well as routine measurements.

Dedicated mq-one Analyzers

All minispec mq-one analyzers include the traceable, multilingual minispec Plus software suite.

mq-one Spin Finish Analyzer

  • Weightless and weighing methods
  • Precise Spin Finish determina­tion on man-made fibers
  • Calibration transfer and validation samples

mq-one SFC Analyzer

  • Bruker’s exclusive SFC calibration sample set
  • Solid fat content on fat compositions and chocolate
  • All international methods sup­ported

mq-one Hydrogen Analyzer

  • Handy calibration using standard chemicals
  • QC method for aviation and jet fuels
  • ASTM methods supported

mq-one Seed and Seed XL Analyzer

  • Precise moisture and oil determination in nuts, seeds and residues
  • International methods supported

mq-one Total Fat Analyzer

  • Simple calibration
  • Precise determination of moisture and fat/oil in food and feed
  • Replaces wet chemistry
  • Customized EasyFill™ plastic sample tubes

mq-one Polymer Analyzer

  • Density of polyethylene determination made easy
  • Precise determination of Xylene-soluble content
  • Replaces wet chemistry
  • Handy calibration with reference samples

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