Exploring Biosyntia's Enhanced Synthetic and Metabolic Workflows

With a focus on developing natural and sustainable processes in the production of consumer products, Biosynthia is an industrial biotech company that makes vitamins, antioxidants, and other products used in beauty and nutrition.

To reach its objective of using more sustainable nutritional ingredients, Biosynthia is investing in ultra-high-throughput technology using a new platform.

By integrating Sphere Fluidics’ Pico-Mine® platform, Biosyntia is now exploring genetic diversity at unprecedented speed, identifying the one in a million cells from large mutant libraries that show improved production phenotypes.

Transitioning to picodroplet-based technologies

Ultra-high-throughput droplet-based screening had long been on Biosyntia’s radar for its immense potential in cell factory development and Biosyntia’s synergistic expertise in biosensor development.

Having explored various companies over several years to help bring Biosyntia’s technology in-house, a partnership was born with Sphere Fluidics, with their groundbreaking platform Pico-Mine®

The Pico-Mine® is particularly effective during early-stage research using picodroplet technology, and provides:

  • Semi-automated platform capabilities
  • Flexible workflows and assays to find biological variants among large cell populations.
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced financial cost across applications

One of Biosyntia’s unique technologies for developing state-of-the-art cell factories for precision fermentation is the use of genetically encoded biosensors. However, existing techniques are unable to reach the precision desired for products.

Specifically, traditional tools, including flow cytometry, have been the most common tools to sense internal cell product concentrations but are unable to reach the nano-liter scale picodroplet technology can achieve.

In contrast, Pico-Mine® droplet-based screening allows for product identification on the nanoscale during the fermentation process with direct sensing of extracellular product concentrations. Additionally, the Pico-Mine® platform allows easy single-cell isolation of improved producing strains.

Droplet screening is a game-changer and with Pico-Mine® from Sphere Fluidics in our lab, we are now able to test 1000-foldmore strains within the same timeframe and with a fraction of the resources. We are already seeing super exciting results and expect many more to come.

David Lennox-Hvenekilde, Sr. Scientist and Droplet Screening Lead, Biosyntia

Discover how Biosyntia improved their synthetic and metabolic workflows

Image Credit: Sphere Fluidics

Within the first few months of using the Pico-Mine® platform, Biosynthia’s workflow has already seen significant improvement, allowing for the identification of improved genetic variants of the Biosynthia’s B7 production strain. In turn, this has allowed the process to be upscaled for precision fermentation of sustainable and natural B7 vitamin (Bio-B7).

By integrating Pico-Mine®, Biosyntia is exploring genetic diversity at unprecedented speed, identifying the one in a million cells from large mutant libraries that show improved production phenotypes.

Pico-Mine® has been specifically designed to ensure ease of use, allowing researchers with no microfluid experience to run experiments within weeks. This means that it is also possible for researchers to quickly integrate the system into existing projects.

The semi-automated design of the platform also allows researchers to expand into new research areas and stay at the forefront of effective single-cell research and implementation.

Pico-Mine® is also allowing Biosyntia to develop novel industrially relevant cell factories. The next steps are to scale this technology to a wide array of further molecules, not limited to B-vitamins.

Moving forward, droplet-based ultra-high-throughput screening is expected to be a cornerstone in Biosyntia’s R&D strategy in reaching their goals of European bio-based production of greener and more sustainable nutritional ingredients.

Biosyntia’s updated workflow integrating Pico-Mine®, with their proprietary B7 biosensor has enabled them to rapidly identify improved genetic variants of their already world-leading B7 production strain.

Figure 1. Biosyntia’s updated workflow integrating Pico-Mine® with their proprietary B7 biosensor has enabled them to rapidly identify improved genetic variants of their already world-leading B7 production strain. Image Credit: Sphere Fluidics

We are truly excited about having the droplet technology inhouse to substantially accelerate the improvement of strains for precision fermentation of nutritional ingredients. From what I have already seen, I expect to see significant impact across a wider portfolio of projects.

Hans Genee, CSO and Co-Founder, Biosyntia

About Sphere FluidicsSphere Fluidics

Our vision

Our philosophy is simple. We combine our knowledge and resources to help you find rare and valuable biological variants, while helping you to save time, reduce costs and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Our novel single cell analysis systems offer the rapid screening and characterization of single cells. These systems are underpinned by our patented picodroplet technology, specifically designed to increase your chances of finding that rare ‘one-in-a-billion’ molecule or cell that could be an industry blockbuster.

We understand that time is of the essence. That’s why our technologies boost throughput and assay sensitivity across a range of applications. Most importantly, our flexible systems evolve alongside your changing research needs, providing an adaptable platform that helps you to meet your goals.

Our history

Founded in 2010, Sphere Fluidics is an established Life Sciences company, originally spun out from the University of Cambridge. We initially developed 25 patented products – biochips and specialist chemicals – which currently assist hundreds of customers globally with their research.

We initially focused on producing novel biochip systems and providing R&D services. We have since extended our expertise and are developing a technology platform that enables discovery in a range of growing markets through single cell analysis. Our systems make the development of new biopharmaceuticals faster and more cost-effective, improve monoclonal antibody screening, cell line development, and overall research efficiency in a number of other applications including synthetic biology, single cell diagnostics, prognostics and single cell genome editing.

The Cyto-Mine® Single Cell Analysis System is our flagship product – the first integrated, benchtop system to automatically analyse, sort and dispense millions of individual cells in just a single day.

Our partnerships

We value and are always open to discussing new collaborative, successful and innovative academic and industry partnerships to further develop and improve our single cell technologies.

Our Technology Access Programmes and Collaborative Services exist to enable academic researchers and companies alike to tap into our application-specific expertise through direct partnerships.

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