Vast majority of products contaminated with the illegal dye Sudan I have been removed from sale

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The Food Standards Agency has announced that the vast majority of products contaminated with the illegal dye Sudan I have been removed from sale. This page contains the lists of the products affected plus latest news from the Agency on the situation.

The Food Standards Agency's latest statement was in response to the deadline given to food companies to meet their legal responsibility to withdraw the affected products from sale. The Agency's most recent list of 146 products brings the total number of affected products to 474.

The Agency has contacted the major catering suppliers and they have withdrawn affected products – these have appeared on the lists on this website. In addition, more than 150 smaller catering suppliers who received contaminated products have withdrawn products from their customers. Products will be listed on this website as soon as practical.

Consumers are reminded that the risk is very small, that there is no risk of immediate illness but it is sensible not to eat affected products. No groups, whether young, in hospital, elderly or pregnant are exposed to anything other than a very small risk.

David Statham, Director of Enforcement at the Food Standards Agency, said: ‘This has been an enormous undertaking. Hundreds of products have been affected in thousands of shops. The vast majority of contaminated foods has now been removed and that provides some reassurance to consumers. However, there may be some products remaining both in shops and in the catering sector and we will continue to work with local authorities to remove them as far as is practical and achievable.

‘The risk to health is very small, and it is sensible not to eat these foods, but there can be no doubt that consumers should not have been exposed to these contaminated products. We have worked hard to ensure that food companies meet their responsibilities to consumers. Local authorities will check what actions have been taken. We will also work with them in considering what enforcement action may be appropriate following these investigations.’

The Food Standards Agency has released an update on food products contaminated with the illegal dye Sudan I.

Published 24 February: 17.00
  Product Description Manufacturer Supplier Batch Number Best Before Date or Use By Dates (up to and including unless otherwise stated) Product Type
430 Char Sui Pork (1.8kg)   Asda AS000566 24th February 2005 Chilled Ready Meal
431 Chinese Mega Banquet (2.05kg)   Adsa AS000572 24th February 2005 Chilled Ready Meal
432 Shahi Char Sui Pork (1.48kg)   Co-op SH000025 24th February 2005 Chilled Ready Meal
433 Safeway Red Pesto (190g)   Safeway   30 September 2005 Sauce
434 Safeway Sundried Tomato and Balsamic Vinegar Stir in Sauce (150g)   Safeway   26 September 2005 Sauce
435 Safeway Chargrilled Red Pepper and Vegetable Stir in Sauce (150g)   Safeway   25 September 2005 Sauce
436 Traditional Cottage Pie Loxtons   RND116 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
437 Chunky Cottage Pie Loxtons   RND371 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
438 Chicken Alfredo Loxtons   RND326 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
439 Smoked Haddock Bake Loxtons   RND232 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
440 Meal Makers Barbeque Sauce Universe Foods   L4006, L4104, L4155, L4210, L4342, L4083, L4147, 4175, L4243, L5013   Sauce
441 Hickory Chicken Loxtons   SV111 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
442 Steak & Ale Pie (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   BAP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
443 Beef Madras (340g) Jugg Foods   BM 31/05/2006 Catering pack
444 Bolognaise Pasta (300g) Jugg Foods   BPAS300 31/05/2006 Catering pack
445 Beef Stroganoff (340g) Jugg Foods   BS10 31/05/2006 Catering pack
446 Beef & Wild Mushroom Paletta (113g) Jugg Foods   BWMP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
447 Cannelloni Bolognaise (340g) Jugg Foods   CAB340 31/05/2006 Catering pack
448 Cannelloni Bolognaise (400g) Jugg Foods   CABO 31/05/2006 Catering pack
449 Chicken Balti (340g) Jugg Foods   CBAL340 31/05/2006 Catering pack
450 Classic Farmhouse Pie (500g) Jugg Foods   CFP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
451 Brakes Peppered Grillsteaks (20X146g) Brakes   All Codes up to L5051 End February 2006  
452 Bourgignon Topping KK Finefoods   L3305 to L5045   Catering pack
453 Vegetable Bourgignon KK Finefoods   L3305 to L5045   Catering pack
454 Red Wine Vegetables & Herb Dumpling KK Finefoods   L3305 to L5045   Catering pack
455 Toby Pie KK Finefoods   L3305 to L5045   Catering pack
456 White Wine & Vetetable Pie KK Finefoods   L3305 to L5045   Catering pack
457 Chicken and Mushroom Pie KK Finefoods   L3305 to L5045   Catering pack
458 Turkey Wellington Woodward Foodservice   L3305 to L5045   Catering pack
459 Steak Au Poivre Pie KK Finefoods   L3305 to L5045   Catering pack
460 Corned Beef Hash Pie KK Finefoods   L3305 to L5045   Catering pack
461 Smokey BBQ Sauce (10kg pail) Alembic   4349, 5010, 5025, 5032   Catering pack
462 Seafood Cocktail Mayonnaise (10kg pail) Alembic   4356, 5007, 5014, 5035   Catering pack
463 BBQ Sauce (2.2L jar) Alembic   4083, 4146, 4147, 4176, 4210, 4342, 4344, 4345, 5013   Catering pack
464 Tomato Ketchup (1.2L jar) Alembic   4056, 4062, 4072, 4091, 4107, 4114, 4135, 4142, 4152, 4176, 4183, 4197, 4211, 4222, 4223, 4230, 4253, 4265, 4271, 4351, 5018   Catering pack
465 Vegetarian Worcester Sauce (11.2L jerry can) Alembic   4023, 4036, 4064, 4092, 4099, 4119, 4175, 4182, 4223, 4232, 4281, 4307, 4314, 4351, 4365, 5019, 5034   Catering pack
466 Reduced Fat Salad Dressing (2.5L jar) Alembic   4351, 4352, 4358, 5013, 5014, 5031   Catering pack
467 Caesar Dressing (2.5L jar) Alembic   4231, 4232, 4238, 4254, 4272, 4280, 4293, 4310, 4330, 4352, 4358, 5006, 5007, 5024   Catering pack
468 Plumtree Handform 98% Burger Canterbury Foods   56189 01 October 2005  
469 Chicken Gammon & Leek Pie (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   CGL 31/05/2006 Catering pack
470 Castillane Chicken Lasagne (450g) Jugg Foods   CLC 31/05/2006 Catering pack
471 New Italian Style Meatballs (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   CMB80 31/05/2006 Catering pack
472 Cottage Pie (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   CP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
473 Creamy Peppered Pork (340g) Jugg Foods   CPEPO 31/05/2006 Catering pack
474 Chicken Piri Piri (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   CPP2270 31/05/2006 Catering pack
475 Chicken Piri Piri (400g) Jugg Foods   CPP400 31/05/2006 Catering pack
476 Chunky Steak & Vegetable Casserole (500g) Jugg Foods   CSVC 31/05/2006 Catering pack
477 Mexican Beef Chilli (2.05kg) Jugg Foods   CTEX 31/05/2006 Catering pack
478 Country Pate with Orange (425g) Jugg Foods   DLP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
479 Fillet Steak en Croute (230g) Jugg Foods   FSMEC 31/05/2006 Catering pack
480 Irish Beef Stew (600g) Jugg Foods   IBS600 31/05/2006 Catering pack
481 Italian Style Meatballs (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   IM 31/05/2006 Catering pack
482 Irish Stew (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   IS2270 31/05/2006 Catering pack
483 Irish Stew (600g) Jugg Foods   IS600 31/05/2006 Catering pack
484 Jambalaya Sauce (1.7kg) Jugg Foods   JAMS 31/05/2006 Catering pack
485 Liver & Onions (2.05kg) Jugg Foods   LAO2050 31/05/2006 Catering pack
486 Lasagne Bologna (2.05kg) Jugg Foods   LB 31/05/2006 Catering pack
487 Lasagne Bologna (445g) Jugg Foods   LB440 31/05/2006 Catering pack
488 Liver & Bacon Casserole (340g) Jugg Foods   LBCJ 31/05/2006 Catering pack
489 Herby Lamb Casserole & Dumplings (500g) Jugg Foods   LCD500 31/05/2006 Catering pack
490 Lamb Pasta Bake (450g) Jugg Foods   LPB450 31/05/2006 Catering pack
491 Lamb Rogan Josh (340g) Jugg Foods   LRJ 31/05/2006 Catering pack
492 Lamb Tagine (400g) Jugg Foods   LT12 31/05/2006 Catering pack
493 Spinach & Red Pepper Lasagne (2.05kg) Jugg Foods   LV 31/05/2006 Catering pack
494 Mexican Beef Chilli (340g) Jugg Foods   MBC340 31/05/2006 Catering pack
495 Meatballs & Pasta (445g) Jugg Foods   MBP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
496 Meatballs & Tomato Sauce (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   MBTS2270 31/05/2006 Catering pack
497 Mexican Chicken (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   MC2270 31/05/2006 Catering pack
498 Mediterranean Chicken (500g) Jugg Foods   MEDC 31/05/2006 Catering pack
499 Minted Lamb Parcel (230g) Jugg Foods   MLP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
500 Mignons of Lamb (340g) Jugg Foods   MLRR 31/05/2006 Catering pack
501 Moussaka (450g) Jugg Foods   MOU450 31/05/2006 Catering pack
502 Pepper Sauce (450g) Jugg Foods   PS 31/05/2006 Catering pack
503 Portobello Steak (340g) Jugg Foods   PST 31/05/2006 Catering pack
504 Singapore Lamb & Mango (340g) Jugg Foods   RLC340 31/05/2006 Catering pack
505 Smokey American Chicken (340g) Jugg Foods   SAC 31/05/2006 Catering pack
506 Sausages in Onion Gravy (2.05kg) Jugg Foods   SOGM 31/05/2006 Catering pack
507 Pork Sausages in Onion Gravy (2.05kg) Jugg Foods   SOGMS 31/05/2006 Catering pack
508 Spinach & Red Pepper Lasagne (445g) Jugg Foods   SRPL 31/05/2006 Catering pack
509 Steak & Stout (340g) Jugg Foods   SSTP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
510 Sausages in Beer Gravy (480g) Jugg Foods   STBG 31/05/2006 Catering pack
511 Vegetable Chilli (2.05kg) Jugg Foods   VCH 31/05/2006 Catering pack
512 Vegetable Jambalaya (340g) Jugg Foods   VJ12 31/05/2006 Catering pack
513 Venison in Red Wine (340g) Jugg Foods   VRW 31/05/2006 Catering pack
514 Chilli Con Carne (2.05kg) Jugg Foods   C 31/05/2006 Catering pack
515 Chicken Balti (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   CBAL 31/05/2006 Catering pack
516 Aubergine & Two Cheese Melt (340g) Jugg Foods   AUB12 31/05/2006 Catering pack
517 Traditional Roast Chicken Breast (340g) Jugg Foods   CBN 31/05/2006 Catering pack
518 Lamb Koftas (340g) Jugg Foods   KRJ 31/05/2006 Catering pack
519 Lamb Casserole & Dumplings (500g) Jugg Foods   LCD 31/05/2006 Catering pack
520 Lamb Sausages In Mint Gravy (340g) Jugg Foods   LSMG 31/05/2006 Catering pack
521 Red Wine & Mushroom Sauce (450g) Jugg Foods   RWMS 31/05/2006 Catering pack
522 Liver & Bacon Casserole (2.05kg) Jugg Foods   LBC2050 31/05/2006 Catering pack
523 Lancashire Hot Pot (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   LHP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
524 Minted Lamb & Cous Cous Parcel (230g) Jugg Foods   MLCCP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
525 Spicy Lamb Koftas & Pasta (440g) Jugg Foods   SLKP 31/05/2006 Catering pack
526 Somerset Pork (340g) Jugg Foods   SPO 31/05/2006 Catering pack
527 Beef Mont Blanc (340g) Jugg Foods   BMBL 31/05/2006 Catering pack
528 Chicken Casserole (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   CCAS 31/05/2006 Catering pack
529 W&D Burgundy Beef (340g) Jugg Foods   SBSB340 31/05/2006 Catering pack
531 Peppered Brandy Beef (340g) Jugg Foods   PBRAB 31/05/2006 Catering pack
532 Chicken, Broccoli & Pepper Sce (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   CBPS 31/05/2006 Catering pack
533 Beef In Red Wine (290g) Jugg Foods   BRWI 31/05/2006 Catering pack
534 Moussaka (2.27kg) Jugg Foods   MOU2270 31/05/2006 Catering pack
535 Salmon & Cranberries In Port Sauce (340g) Jugg Foods   SCPS 31/05/2006 Catering pack
536 S/F Caesars Mayonnaise (2L) Suffolk Foods   SFCA118/02   Sauce
537 S/F Caesar Dressing (2L) Suffolk Foods   SFCA927/02   Sauce
538 SF Hickory Smoke Mayonaise (10L) Suffolk Foods   SFHS620/10   Sauce
539 S/F Tomato Salsa (2kg) Suffolk Foods   SFLS622/02   Sauce
540 S/F Tomato Salsa (5kg) Suffolk Foods   SFLS622/05   Sauce
541 S/F Tomato Salsa (10kg) Suffolk Foods   SFLS622/10   Sauce
542 S/F Suffolk Chutney (2kg) Suffolk Foods   SFSC929/02   Sauce
543 Salmon Florentine Loxtons   RND444 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
544 Cumberland Sausage Multi Loxtons   MUL129 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
545 Roasted Roots & Red Onion Bake Loxtons   RND274 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
546 Roasted Roots & Red Onion Pancake Filling Multi Loxtons   MUL452 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
547 Cauliflower Cheese Rosti Loxtons   RND267 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
548 Broccoli & Brie Rosti Loxtons   RND302 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
549 Broccoli & Brie Pie Filling Stenna Loxtons   MUL156 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
550 Leek & Mushroom Crumble Loxtons   RND136 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
551 Penne Alfredo Loxtons   RND420 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
552 Macaroni Cheese Loxtons   RND204 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
553 Pasta Florentine Cheese sauce Loxtons   RND363 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
554 Parsnip & Leek Bake Multi Loxtons   MUL225 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
555 Parsnip & Leek Bake Loxtons   RND194 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
556 Onion Gravy Loxtons   SAU019 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
557 Cream of Cheese & Broccoli Soup Loxtons   SOU011 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
558 Red Pepper & Spinach Lasagne Loxtons   RND231 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
559 Bolognaise Sauce Loxtons   SV265 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
560 Pork & Spicy Bean Casserole Loxtons   SV337 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
561 Tuscan Sausage & Bean Casserole Loxtons   SV338 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
562 Cumberland Sausages in a Beer & Onion Gravy Loxtons   SV125 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
563 Liver & Onions Loxtons   SV205 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
564 Liver,Bacon & Sausage Casserole Loxtons   SV181 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
565 Liver & Sausage Casserole Loxtons   SV214 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
566 Ham & Mushroom Chicken Supreme Loxtons   SV103 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
567 Cheese Sauce Loxtons   SV283 15/02/05 to 15/08/06  
568 Caesar Mayonaise (2L) Leathams   LLCA118/02    
569 Spicy Sweet Pickle (310g) Branston     May 2005  
570 Rich & Fruity Sauce (250g) Branston     Nov 2006 to Feb 2007  
571 Roast Veg & Butternut Squash Filo Tart (6X240g) Paramount 21     July 2006  
572 Roast Veg Shortcrust Tart (6X200g) Paramount 21     July 2006  
573 Roast Veg Filo Tart (6X240g) Paramount 21     July 2006  
574 Spicy White Crab Cakes (48X30g) Paramount 21     July 2006  
575 Maryland Crab Cakes (48X56g) Paramount 21     July 2006  


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