SNAP Diagnostics joins SAFE-BioPharma Association

SNAP Diagnostics, a Chicago-based leader in the development of technology for the detection of sleep apnea and the analysis of snoring patterns, has joined SAFE-BioPharma Association, the non-profit association that created and manages the global SAFE-BioPharma® digital identity and signature standard for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. SNAP Diagnostics is the first dedicated device and diagnostics company to join SAFE-BioPharma.

The SAFE-BioPharma digital identity and signature standard is used by most big biopharmaceutical companies for identity management and for digital signing.

SNAP Diagnostics provides physician’s offices in the United States, Europe and South America with proprietary diagnostic equipment that is used in the patient’s home setting. Records of the at-home tests are analyzed by the company’s on-staff physicians who advise the referring physician on how to match patient needs to a variety of therapeutic approaches. The digital forms used in this process are signed using SAFE-BioPharma digital signatures, eliminating the need to create backup copies in paper or other media.

“SAFE-BioPharma has allowed us to do away with the use of paper in our day-to-day review of diagnostic information. We process a large number of forms a month, each the equivalent of five pages. We have eliminated the cost and time associated with handling, signing, shipping, storing and accessing paper,” said Gil Raviv, president and co-founder, SNAP Diagnostics.

SNAP Diagnostics uses SAFE-BioPharma roaming digital certificates, which allow the company’s employees to apply signatures digitally and securely to electronic documents from any location with Internet access. SAFE-BioPharma digital certificates also simplify identity management and give their users trusted access to a vast and growing network within the biopharmaceutical and other industries and US government agencies.

“The time and cost-savings reported by SNAP Diagnostics is consistent with the experience much larger organizations are having with the SAFE-BioPharma standard. The company reviewed several options for applying digital signatures before deciding that this interoperable standard and its legal and regulatory acceptance in the US and throughout the European Union made SAFE-BioPharma appropriate for its needs,” said Mollie Shields-Uehling, president and CEO, SAFE-BioPharma Association.

SNAP Diagnostics has joined SAFE-BioPharma under the association’s new pricing policy which makes membership highly affordable to smaller business entities.


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