New vibration technology to reduce stubborn stomach fat

For millions of dieters it seems impossible to lose belly fat no matter however carefully they watch what they eat or how many sit-ups they do. Some people give up and blame it on genetics, metabolism or body type and simply accept it as a fact of life. For whatever the reason, many Americans discover that stubborn fat around the stomach and love handles will not melt away despite their best efforts. Now a fitness research company says there is an effective way to win the battle of the bulge without special diets, drinks or difficult exercises.

TurboSonic USA has developed a machine that literally shakes the fat off. Although it might sound too good to be true, TurboSonic USA President James Cole says the science behind it is actually very simple. Perhaps most impressively, he says he has CT scan images of human torsos to prove it.

"Doctors and physical fitness experts all agree, the best way to lose weight is to reduce daily caloric intake and increase activity level," Mr. Cole states. "Yet, for many of us, unattractive bulk around our midriffs will not budge. The reason TurboSonic® sonic vibration therapy is so effective in attacking stomach fat is it uses a patented sonic vibration technology based on decades of research and development."

Health experts say that hundreds of studies show a direct correlation between belly fat and a variety of ailments, including back pain, increased cholesterol, levels of heart and artery disease and stroke. Losing that unappealing 'spare tire' around the waist might be a lifesaver and not just a matter of appearance according to many wellness researchers.

"Visceral fat, which is deep belly fat, is a different type of fat than that found in other parts of the body which is partly why it can be so difficult to lose," Mr. Cole explains. "Because the sonic vibrations created by the TurboSonic are transferred throughout the user's entire muscular, nerve and skeletal system, it can stimulate absolutely every part of the body, including fat deposits that won't respond to other treatments."

The physical therapy experts and biomechanical engineers at TurboSonic say they've improved upon earlier sonic vibrational therapy systems. The secret they say is in the precision of the vibrations created by the machine and the fact the sonic vibrations can be adjusted to variations of amplitudes.

"Our device creates precision vertical vibrations which are the most natural to the human body and the direction experienced through actual exercise," Mr. Cole says. "This is the key to why the TurboSonic can reduce weight, cellulite, stress, fluid retention and fatigue, while improving physical strength, tone, endurance and flexibility."


TurboSonic USA


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