OrthoAccel Technologies to host private lecture for orthodontic specialists in Brighton

OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc. has announced its plans to host a private lecture and reception for orthodontic specialists in Brighton during the British Orthodontic Conference.  This event, scheduled for 17:00 on Sunday 19 September, will provide a forum for doctors to gather and learn more about the new AcceleDent System, which will be launched in a full-market release, as reported last week.

AcceleDent is a simple, removable dental device that patients place in the mouth for twenty minutes daily.  It produces a gentle vibrational force which enhances the pressure applied by braces.  AcceleDent has been clinically proven to safely speed up orthodontic tooth movement.  The product is hands-free and allows the user flexibility to carry out most routine tasks during use.  

For the past year, AcceleDent has been available to select orthodontic specialists in the United Kingdom, where it was introduced last year through a limited market release program.  Mike Kaufman, VP Marketing and Business Development at OrthoAccel, commented, "this reception will serve as an excellent opportunity for peer-to-peer interaction.  It will allow doctor users who have experience over the past twelve months to share their observations and impressions to interested doctors who are seeking to bring this exciting new technology into their offices now."

Dr Sharon Orton-Gibbs at Walpole Specialists, in Surbiton, is being featured as the main speaker.  Kaufman noted, "we also see the reception as an occasion to reinforce the scientific evidence that has been developed in support of the AcceleDent System as an important enhancement to any orthodontic treatment.  We look forward to Dr. Orton-Gibbs sharing several of her clinical cases, as well as a summary of other scientific studies that have been completed to date."  The reception will be held in the Regent Room at the Grand Brighton Hotel.  There is limited availability at the reception and OrthoAccel is directing interested doctors to its Stand #41 in Hewison Hall onsite at the BOC, where tickets will be available.  Alternatively, doctors can RSVP in advance through the Company's website.

The event is being held on the evening prior to another important event for OrthoAccel – its first annual User's Group meeting, which is being planned as a breakfast on Monday 20 September.  "What better resource for information about our product than the small group of doctors who have actually been using it in their cases over the past year," explained Kaufman.  "We get excited about stories of patients who are having a positive AcceleDent experience, but in the spirit of continuous improvement, we also want to hear suggestions for how we can better improve both the product and our Company."

One of those happy patients is under the care of Dr. Asif Chatoo at The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic.  A 25 year old patient has started her treatment with AcceleDent this past February and is very excited by the considerable tooth movement she has seen in just a few short months.  This AcceleDent user reported, "The prospect of faster treatment is very important to me.  I use AcceleDent just before going to bed while watching TV or reading a book.  After the first week I hardly felt the vibrations and find AcceleDent quite comfortable and easy to use.  The system shows that I have been nearly 90% compliant."

"We are specifically interested in what tools we can develop that will most effectively allow doctors and staff to educate their patients on this new science, technology, and product," continued Kaufman.  The Company just completed the development of an innovative, new display stand to complement its educational waiting room brochures.

OrthoAccel is anticipating the conclusion of another US clinical trial at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio with a target completion date later in 2010.  In the meantime, the Company has identified Europe as a strategic market of major importance, with a specific focus on the United Kingdom.


OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.


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