Stem cell therapy enters anti-aging industry

While many scientists may state that stem cells are the key to longer and healthier lives, some are not waiting on the technology for that and are using it in the anti-aging industry to bring unmatched results in wrinkle removal. The ant-wrinkle and skin cream industry has been in a state of remission as far as advancements in the industry for decades.

While some skin care creams do show a marked reduction in wrinkles, it is a short term loss and not something that has a real and lasting effect. Most of the skin care creams on the market swell the skin to give the appearance of wrinkle removal, only to find that within 48 hours that they have returned to the same state as before application.

Stem cell therapy cream has broken the mold and taken a giant leap into the future using stem cells from plants to reactivate the cells you already have that need a little boost from nature and the core of healing, which lies in stem cells. Some are forecasting that brand name products like Celtrixa stretch mark cream may start using the stem cells from plants to help eliminate or reduce stretch marks just as they are now being used to remove or reduce wrinkles.

Although many are raving over this new technology, many main stream companies continue to sell their simple moisturizing creams that have very limited positive results to the general public with little recognition that they are selling outdated technology.

"It has given my skin its elasticity back and now when I smile or frown, I don't still see traces of it when my face is relaxed again. It is different from other products that just puff up your wrinkles for a while and then they are back again later," states Teresa Ellis, a new stem cell therapy user. "That is what always happened with all of the other products I have tried. Stem cell therapy made me feel and look like I was actually repairing the age that had taken place on my face. I actually saw the results they said I would within a week!"


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