LivDerma founder develops transdermal delivery system for effective pain relief

LivDerma's Dr. Joseph Gabriele has developed a unique, evidence-based transdermal delivery system to enter deep into the skin's dermis that produces strong pharmalogical effects. DELIVRA™ represents a new paradigm of transdermal healing, encouraging both pharma-based and organic remedies to be transported, with precision effect, to ailing sites in deep-lying muscular tissues and joints, thereby avoiding drug conflicts and side effects. LivReliefis making history through its influence to revolutionize the therapeutic pain relief category. Canadians are among the first to benefit from its overwhelming benefits.

Every year, millions Canadians are in pain. This agonizing statistic is on the rise, with the age of affliction getting younger and younger. We are a nation in overwhelming pain and as a result have far too many over medicating, unable to tolerate ingestible remedies and many more who are getting secondary health conditions as a result of attempting to manage their pain.

LivReliefhas been proven to reduce pain and inflammation more effectively than the leading topical brands by blocking five key pain pathways. While leading brands block one or two, LivRelief is derived of natural ingredients and does not contain any synthetic drugs. It is natural, paraben free, sodium laurel sulfate free and has not been tested on animals.

Unlike pills that pass through major organs and can cause stomach upset, cardiovascular problems and a host of other health issues, LivReliefdelivers fast, effective relief through the skin, directly to the painful muscle or joint by way of DELIVRA™.

Through a personal pursuit of trying to achieve pain relief for his wife who became ill LivDerma founder Gabriele comments "The initial results have been both compelling and remarkable; clearly showing significant pain relief at the local level without the use of synthetic pharmacological drugs. We have now completed a double blind crossover parallel study on joint pain suffers along with a prospective study with significant results for knee pain."

CLINICAL STUDIES: Early clinical testing of DELIVRA™ has yielded impressive results. A double-blind crossover study, conducted in mid-2009, shows that after 6 weeks of using the LivDerma pain cream with DELIVRA™, 70 sufferers found their pain reduced by half, and their mobility and quality of life enhance by more than 59%. An independent laboratory is currently conducting in vitro penetration studies to identify exactly how deep DELIVRA™ reaches, and exactly what quantity of companion substances are delivered to sub dermal sites. In these studies, DELIVRA™ performance is measured against that of Pluronic Lecithin Organogel (PLO), a pharma base that is partly synthetic, and the worlds most widely used compounding base. Both the scientific and anecdotal evidence is compelling.




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