NMS Labs launches unique test for Methotrexate

NMS Labs launches another unique test suitable for the evaluation of toxicity vs. efficacy and helping physicians with therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of patients for the therapeutic agent, Methotrexate. NMS Labs is the only known commercial laboratory to perform this test using the highly specific and sensitive technique of liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). This test expands upon the group of chemotherapeutic TDM tests already offered by NMS Labs which includes Busulfan, Mercaptopurine, Mitotane, Platinum and Tamoxifen and metabolites.

NMS Labs has responded to the needs of the medical community by offering a highly sensitive and specific test for Methotrexate. Traditional immunoassays used to measure methotrexate are susceptible to interference from the methotrexate metabolite DAMPA, whose concentrations increase after administration of CPDG2. Results obtained from the LC-MS/MS are not subject to his interference and will help ascertain whether a given patient is within a commonly accepted therapeutic range as well as warn of potential toxicities associated with overdosing of the compound.

Medical Director for NMS Labs, G. John DiGregorio, M.D., Ph.D., commented, "By testing for Methotrexate with LC-MS/MS, we have eliminated the issue of falsely elevated methotrexate concentrations stemming from co-administration of high dose methotrexate and CPDG2 due to use of an immunoassay technique. This can only improve patient care."

Methotrexate is an agent used not only in the treatment of certain forms of cancer, e.g. breast, lung and head and neck cancers, but also in the treatment of other significant pathologies, including rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. Therapeutic drug monitoring of this agent continues to assist clinicians in providing the best care of their patients.

Source: NMS Labs


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