Superdrug, Orabrush to market tongue cleaner in 500 locations across the UK

Orabrush today announced that Superdrug will begin carrying the Orabrush tongue cleaner in 500 locations across the United Kingdom. Recently awarded UK's Best For Personal Care by Verdict Research, Superdrug is the UK's second-largest beauty and health retailer.

"We are thrilled to further Orabrush's retail presence in the UK, especially in such a well-respected business like Superdrug," said Jeff Davis, CEO of Orabrush. "Our UK audience has been critical in Orabrush's success story. Through our YouTube channel we are able to connect with customers around the globe, and we work hard at building strong and lasting relationships with them. Without the demand of our UK fans to have access to the Orabrush in stores, we would never have made it to retail outlets like Superdrug."

Orabrush's success story illustrates the vast power of social media. Founder Dr. Robert Wagstaff invented the Orabrush in 2000, but met repeated failures with traditional attempts at selling his product. It was only after an MBA student at a local university convinced Wagstaff that the tongue cleaners could be sold online using a YouTube marketing strategy that the Orabrush began to gain traction. The initial video went viral, and Orabrush has gone on to become an Internet phenomenon.

Orabrush is now the third-most-subscribed sponsor channel on YouTube (behind Old Spice and Apple) and has more than 38 million YouTube views. Approximately 4 million of those views have come from the UK, and Orabrush's videos have been seen by an estimated 5 percent of the UK's population.

"The addition of Orabrush to our stores is another testament of Superdrug's commitment to meet the demands of our consumers," said David Cooke, senior buyer of Superdrug. "A key element to our brand's success is the connection we have with our customers - we highly value our relationship and aim to always incorporate customer feedback in decisions about which products we carry. Superdrug shoppers will find the Orabrush to not only be an effective tongue cleaner, but a fun one at that - not something normally associated with oral care. We love Orabrush's hilarious YouTube videos, and it is clear our customers do as well."




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