Abzyme Therapeutics licenses SUMOpro from LifeSensors

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Abzyme Therapeutics, a new biotechnology company dedicated to developing methods to generate human monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of disease, announced  that they have entered into an exclusive agreement with LifeSensors to license their proprietary protein expression platform, SUMOpro™. Enhanced protein expression is key to the evolution and development of antibodies and the  LifeSensors

SUMOpro™ technology is a protein expression platform that can dramatically enhance overall protein production through increased protein translation, solubility, and stability. “The use of Abzyme Therapeutics’ systems and platforms will allow monoclonal antibodies to be used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, and infectious diseases” said Dr.  Tauseef  Butt, co-founder and Chair of Abzyme Therapeutics Board of Directors.

Abzyme is currently  focused on treating Alzheimer’s by  developing proteolytic antibodies capable  of hydrolyzing and clearing beta-amyloids from the human blood stream. These antibodies are designed to hydrolyze multiple antigen target molecules and overcome the problem of resistance, providing increased benefit at reduced doses. Alternatively, the generation irreversibly and repeatedly of these antibodies in the future will be critical in the development of treatments for cancers and other diseases.

Abzyme Therapeutics, LLC has established its headquarters in the Great Valley Technology Center, Malvern, PA and aims to exploit their platforms for the development of novel therapeutic antibodies that will offer affordable medicines with increased benefit, requiring reduced dosages. With therapeutic antibody evolution platforms based on intracellular (iHUMab)/extracellular (eHuMab) genetic selection systems, Abzyme Therapeutics is capable of generating highly diversified human antibody repertoires. 

LifeSensors, Inc. is the leading producer of innovative research tools for the ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like protein pathways. Its prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein expression platforms SUMOpro™ and SUMOstar™ are used worldwide to overcome bottlenecks in protein production. LifeSensors’ technologies enable research once  difficult to achieve by using a wide variety of high quality tools including enzymes, substrates, and inhibitors. 


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