Dallas plastic surgeon offers Natrelle 410 silicone breast implant to select patients

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Fred Hackney announced today that he is now offering the Natrelle 410 highly cohesive silicone breast implant to select patients. Commonly called the "gummy bear implant" because of its texture, these implants have recently been approved by the FDA for use by qualified, board-certified plastic surgeons.

"I thrilled to be offering these implants to my patients," says Dr. Fred Hackney, "They represent the latest, most advanced silicone breast implants."

Gummy bear implants are "form stable" breast implants, which means they are firmer and hold their shape better over a long period of time, says Dr. Hackney. "Also, the implant's teardrop shape more closely mimics the shape of a natural breast," he says. "That gives a better result for the patient."

Gummy bear implants also have a lower risk of leakage than traditional silicone breast implants and have a lesser chance of forming firm scar tissue from the implant surgery. 

Dr. Hackney cautions that gummy bear implants may not be appropriate for all breast augmentation patients. 

"The characteristics of these implants mean they cannot be used for patients undergoing revision breast augmentation, patients with sagging breasts, or patients with thin or lax skin around the breasts," says Dr. Hackney. 

Gummy bear implant surgery also requires a plastic surgeon who has undergone special training in the use of the implants. Dr. Hackney has been certified to use the Natrelle® 410 implants by Allergan, makers of the implant.


Hackney Plastic Surgery Center


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