S.M. Rezaian says that the spine degrades following inadequate treatment

S.M. Rezaian, MD, FRCS, FICS, PhD has treated well over 13,000 patients throughout his illustrious career in orthopedic medicine. He's truly been an innovator in the field, creating the Rezaian Spinal Fixator and applying minimally-invasive laser back surgery both of which allow for more comprehensive and less risky surgical treatments. Through this experience in spinal stenosis treatment, repairing failed back surgery, and more, Dr. Rezaian is aware that misconceptions about back pain continue to cause complications. From inefficient back injury treatment methods that don't address the root cause to long legal battles to get insurance agencies to cover new issues developing later in life from initial accidents, this ignorance about orthopedics has real world repercussions for those currently suffering from debilitating lower back pain.

The most common issue discovered by Dr. Rezaian involves the degradation of the spine following inadequate treatment. Often, the problem is not solved properly; for example, a back brace for proper healing or even minor surgery may be required in cases where the doctor simply treats the patient through pain medication until the constant pain goes away. In many of these cases, the problem doesn't go away and the spine begins to exert pressure improperly, becoming unstable. Eventually, the disc between vertebrae can fail and lead to serious pain elsewhere in the body (most often sciatica). Dr. Rezaian wishes all treatment of back pain was done in a thorough and precise manner, like he does out of his clinic in Beverly Hills, so that the 85% of Americans who will experience back pain in their lifetimes won't have to unduly suffer.

This same improper understanding of the origins of back and spinal pain has led to problems in the insurance realm. The first report following an accident (often workplace or car accidents) may have the sufferer only claiming to experience one type of back or spinal pain. The insurance company will pay for that treatment, which may be inadequate. Then, when the spine worsens and the patient starts feeling pain in their neck, legs, or arms, the insurance companies are incredibly hesitant to pay for it even though it originated from the same accident. Oftentimes a lawsuit will follow just so the back pain sufferer can pay for treatment. Dr. Rezaian doesn't think the insurance groups are being malicious here; he simply believes that they're ignorant about the full story on back pain and that more knowledge on the subject can lead to better financing of back pain treatments.

Dr. Rezaian offers minimally-invasive back treatments out of his Beverly Hills-based office, the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic. There, he uses high-tech methodologies to diagnose and treat the source of back pain. Open MRI machines, laparoscopic technology that minimizes incision size, laser treatment that replaces imprecise scalpel work, the spinal fixator surgical technique for spinal fractures, and much more are all tools at Dr. Rezaian's disposal. Currently, he's working on a book that he hopes will spread awareness about this issue. The 20 chapter monograph covers a broad range of back pain topics, including instructions on simple back pain treatment, modern treatment of herniated discs, as well as a step by step 99% accurate diagnosis for common back pain.

For those currently suffering from back or neck pain who haven't found a solution to their woes, Dr. Rezaian offers the Universal Endoscopic Laser Surgery that doesn't require general anesthesia. In many cases, those who are in a wheelchair or require the use of a cane can get almost immediate relief from their walking difficulties.

SOURCE California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic


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