Research paper published by Scientific Reports details the efficacy of n3D's Apple iPhone app

Joint venture partners Rainbow Coral Corp. (OTCBB: RBCC) and Nano3D Biosciences (n3D) are proud to announce that the journal Scientific Reports published the first research document detailing the efficacy of n3D's revolutionary new Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone app today.

RBCC and n3D have joined forces to develop and market the BiO Assay, a new automated toxicity assay system that harnesses the multi-function computing power of Apple mobile devices to test a drug's effects by capturing and charting cell migration data. The Experiment Assistant app, when used with n3D's n3Dock Station and 3D cell culturing technology, organizes and takes time-lapse images of 3D cell culture growth and migration in the presence of a drug.

A paper describing the innovative system's use in a study of the effects of ibuprofen and sodium dodecyl on the viability and migration of human embryonic kidney and tracheal smooth muscle cells was published today by Scientific Reports, the new open-access journal from the highly respected Nature Publishing line. It's a major step forward in the partnership's plans to market the cutting-edge BiO Assay tech to labs and researchers around the globe.

"The Experiment Assistant app makes testing new drugs so much faster and easier than ever before," said RBCC CEO Patrick Brown. "We're so excited about this product's market potential, because pharmaceutical companies will soon be able to get their brand-new formulas to the millions who need them much quicker. We expect this technology to soon become the new global standard for testing labs."

RBCC formed a biotech subsidiary, Rainbow BioSciences, to market and develop new medical and research technology innovations to compete alongside companies such as Bristol Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE: BMY), Biogen Idec Inc. (NASDAQ: BIIB), Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) and Amgen Inc. (NASDAQ: AMGN). Rainbow BioSciences acquired an equity interest in n3D earlier last year.


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