CUMC researchers make new breakthrough in regenerative medicine

As fast-growing biotech company Rainbow Coral Corp. (OTCBB: RBCC) works to deliver new cutting-edge treatments in the field of regenerative medicine, a major new breakthrough could soon lead to growing new lungs for patients in a laboratory.

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) recently reported success in transforming human stem cells into functional lung and airway cells. The startling advance could soon enable scientists to model lung disease, screen drugs, study lung development and - someday - generate lung tissue for transplant.

"For the first time, researchers can begin working on ways to use a patient's own skin cells to create functional lung tissue," said RBCC CEO Patrick Brown. "While incredible, this is only the latest breakthrough in the booming field of stem-cell research and regenerative medicine. The value of such advances, both in dollars and in quality-of-life improvements, is just incalculable."

In recent years, major discoveries in the usage of adult stem cells and biologics have led to promising tech advances in the treatment of once-incurable illnesses. Some analysts expect the market for regenerative solutions to grow in value to more than $35 billion by 2019.

RBCC is working hard to capitalize on that growth by delivering new solutions for the booming, global regenerative medicine market. The company is currently in talks with a firm that could be on the verge of a revolutionary advance in the way chronic back pain is treated. The company has come up with a new procedure to address the discomfort caused by Degenerative Disc Disease using an innovative, patentable remedy derived from a patient's own cells.

By acquiring or partnering with up-and-coming regenerative therapy companies, RBCC plans to compete in the biotechnology industry alongside NeoStem, Inc. (NYSE: NBS), Neuralstem, Inc. (NYSE: CUR), Smith & Nephew (NYSE: SNN) and Pharmaceutical Product Development (NASDAQ: PPDI).


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