RFS introduces RF Assure Delivery System for improving birth safety at 2014 AORN national meeting

RF Surgical Systems Inc. (RFS), the market leader in retained surgical item detection, debuted the RF Assure Delivery System for improving birth safety this week at the 2014 AORN national meeting of perioperative nurses in Chicago. The new system is specifically designed to prevent retained surgical sponges that are used during labor and delivery.

An estimated 22 percent of retained surgical sponges — more than 1,000 annually — are accidentally left inside patients during standard vaginal deliveries. This can cause infections, additional surgery and unnecessary stress. When properly used, the RF Assure Delivery System minimizes the risk of retained sponges by tracking a radio frequency tag sewn into the corner of each sponge. Since 2006, this Patented technology has dramatically reduced retained surgical sponge incidents in more than 300 U.S. hospitals.

"Tracking surgical sponges with this highly sensitive technology adds minimal cost to a surgery or birth, but pays enormous dividends in peace of mind, patient care and reduced liability," said Dr. Berto Lopez, an obstetrician-gynecologist and chief of the safety committee at West Palm Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida. "Part of our childbirth protocol after delivery is to weigh the baby and scan the mother for retained sponges. Everyone benefits and is more relaxed."

Unlike the standard RF Assure Detection System that uses a mat and wand to track surgical sponges in patients who are lying down, the RF Assure Delivery System is optimized for women in child birth position. After birth, it is easy for clinicians to scan the mother's pelvic region with the handheld Verisphere™. In only 15 seconds they can be confident their bodies are free of surgical sponges.

"Most doctors and parents agree the birth of a child is a family's most important event. Our goal is to make sure retained surgical sponges don't harm that experience or cause avoidable health problems," said RF Surgical CEO John Buhler.

The RF Assure Delivery System begins shipping to hospitals by July 2014.


RF Surgical Systems, Inc.


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