Lucimed offers Luminette light therapy glasses for people suffering from seasonally induced issues

Proven relief for those suffering from winter blues, sleep problems and jetlag

For millions of people, the arrivalof fall and winter are unwelcome events. A change in seasons often brings a change in their physical and mental health, due to fewer hours of sunlight.

However, Belgium-based company Lucimed offers a new portable solution for those who suffer from seasonally induced issues: the Luminette, a new light therapy device, which is now available in Europe.

Developed after four years of university research and clinical trials, Luminette is a wearable light therapy device providing proven relief from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sleep disorders, and circadian rhythm issues (jet lag and shift work).

Unlike traditional light therapy devices, which require users to remain stationary in front of a lightbox, Luminette is worn like a pair of glasses that sit just above the eyes. It can be worn around the house or at work. Twenty minutes per day is enough to treat and prevent issues during months when sunlight is reduced.

There’s also a Luminette app that generates biological clock rephasing programmes based on algorithms developed by the chronotherapist Roland Pec. These programmes include all known chronobiological tools: light exposure, avoidance of light, taking melatonin, sleep, etc.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing Luminette to the world and helping people that face health issues during the fall and winter months,” said Eric Delloye, Managing Director of Lucimed, which manufactures Luminette in Belgium. “We live in an active society and Luminette is designed to provide relief for people and their on-the-go lives.”

Luminette’s 1,500-lux blue-enriched white light is output from LEDs. It hits the diffraction lens and stimulates the retina, without affecting vision. Light shines downwards into the eyes, just as sunlight naturally does. Receptors in the eye then send a signal to the body’s circadian clock regulator, stopping the secretion of melatonin, which naturally “wakes up” all body systems.

Luminette is UV and infrared-free and is classified as a product for the eyes in compliance with standard IEC 62471.


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