New dietary supplement can prevent, reverse massive brain cell loss

A dietary supplement containing a blend of thirty vitamins and minerals--all natural ingredients widely available in health food stores--has shown remarkable anti-aging properties that can prevent and even reverse massive brain cell loss, according to new research from McMaster University.

It's a mixture scientists believe could someday slow the progress of catastrophic neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, ALS and Parkinson's.

"The findings are dramatic," says Jennifer Lemon, research associate in the Department of Biology and a lead author of the study. "Our hope is that this supplement could offset some very serious illnesses and ultimately improve quality of life."

The formula, which contains common ingredients such as vitamins B, C and D, folic acid, green tea extract, cod liver oil and other nutraceuticals, was first designed by scientists in McMaster's Department of Biology in 2000.

A series of studies published over the last decade and a half have shown its benefits in mice, in both normal mice and those specifically bred for such research because they age rapidly, experiencing dramatic declines in cognitive and motor function in a matter of months.

The mice used in this study had widespread loss of more than half of their brain cells, severely impacting multiple regions of the brain by one year of age, the human equivalent of severe Alzheimer's disease.

The mice were fed the supplement on small pieces of bagel each day over the course of several months. Over time, researchers found that it completely eliminated the severe brain cell loss and abolished cognitive decline.

"The research suggests that there is tremendous potential with this supplement to help people who are suffering from some catastrophic neurological diseases," says Lemon, who conducted the work with co-author Vadim Aksenov, a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Biology at McMaster.

"We know this because mice experience the same basic cell mechanisms that contribute to neurodegeneration that humans do. All species, in fact. There is a commonality among us all."

In addition to looking at the major markers of aging, they also discovered that the mice on the supplements experienced enhancement in vision and most remarkably in the sense of smell--the loss of which is often associated with neurological disease--improved balance and motor activity.

The next step in the research is to test the supplement on humans, likely within the next two years, and target those who are dealing with neurodegenerative diseases.


  1. Jerry BioCop Jerry BioCop Peru says:

    Thank you for the article. Could you please list the remaining 24 ingredients? With so much success, this will be very interesting to follow.

  2. Sharon Lehmann Sharon Lehmann United States says:

    Yes please list the remaining ingredients. Those of us with cognitive decline at an early age would like to try it as our lives may depend on it and waiting 2 years to see if it works on humans may be too late for us.

    • Silicon Valley Story Silicon Valley Story United States says:

      Here they are:

      Component  Dose (mg/day/100 mice)
      Vitamin B1  30.49
      Vitamin B3  30.49
      Vitamin B6  51.76
      Vitamin B12  0.18
      Vitamin C  621.09
      Vitamin D  0.02
      Vitamin E  326.83
      Acetyl L-carnitine  146.45
      Alpha-lipoic acid  182.93
      Acetylsalicylic acid  77.19
      Beta carotene  21.95
      Bioflavonoids  792.68
      Chromium picolinate  0.30
      Cod liver oil  1219.51
      CoEnzyme Q10  24.84
      Curcumin  583.65a
      Flax seed oil  1219.51
      Folic acid  0.61
      Garlic extract  3.81
      Ginger root extract  358.99
      Ginkgo biloba  18.29b
      Ginseng (Siberian)  428.55
      Green tea extract  487.80b
      L-glutathione  30.49
      Lutein  16.59
      Lycopene  8.28a
      Magnesium  24.67
      Melatonin  0.73
      N-acetyl cysteine  304.88
      Pomegranate extract  162.89a
      Potassium  18.11
      Quercetin  621.09a
      Rutin  74.62
      Selenium  0.05
      Resveratrol  165.62a

  3. Silicon Valley Story Silicon Valley Story United States says:

    Let's see - when described by hundreds of others such as integrative MD's or people taking these products the words conspiracy theory, snake oil and woo-woo were considered mandatory. Now, it's super special - why? who is going to add something to make it patentable? All that needs to be done is add a novel ingredient and  there is a "new drug in the pipeline"

    People are way too reliant on others. These substances are taken daily by thousands. Including me. Except I take folate instead of folic acid and I'm sure they are going to change this with the notice given to methylation issues now from genetics testing.

  4. Liza Hook Liza Hook United States says:

    Does anyone know if the supplement has a name? Or does anyone know of any existing multi-ingredient supps already on the market that can be combined to closely duplicate the ingredients? Also, I guess I need to convert to human dosage too. Thoughts or ideas?

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