5 step daylight savings sleep plan helps children adjust to time change

Wishful thinking that your baby's internal clock will adjust as quickly as your iPhone. When the clock falls back 1 hour on November 6th be prepared with a clear plan from certified sleep consultants at Dream Baby Sleep™. Follow these simple steps to help your child adjust to the time change and prevent sleep regressions.

5 Step Daylight Savings Sleep Plan:

Following these easy steps and exposing your children to as much natural like as possible the days immediately following the time change will help naturally reset their internal clocks. Dream Baby Sleep™ offers customized sleep consulting solutions for tired families Nationwide.

Dream Baby Sleep™ is a loving group of certified sleep consultants who are teaching families how to create and maintain healthy sleep for their infants & toddlers. Our diverse education and team dynamic empowers us to customize a plan catered to your family's personal needs. By studying the temperament of your baby, parenting style and family dynamic we're able to draw from all sleep training methods available to create success for your family.

Source: Dream Baby Sleep


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