Qioptiq to unveil new wavelength pairing for iFLEX-Gemini laser series at SPIE Photonics West

Now with new 488/647nm wavelength pairing, iFLEX-Gemini represents a compact replacement for bulky argon-krypton gas lasers in super-resolution microscopy and cancer research.

Qioptiq, an Excelitas Technologies® Company and global technology leader in delivering innovative optical and photonic solutions, will present its new wavelength pairing for the popular iFLEX-Gemini Dual-Wavelength Laser Series with new 488/647nm wavelengths at SPIE Photonics West.

With the new 647nm wavelength, the solid-state iFLEX-Gemini enables the use of specific fluorescence dye sets for critical super-resolution microscopy and cancer research. Moreover, with its solid state design, iFLEX-Gemini is 1/10 the size of equivalent argon-krypton gas lasers.

While gas lasers require external modulators for fast on/off switching, iFLEX-Gemini can instead be modulated directly, thus reducing cost and complexity. Various wavelength pairs supplement the iFLEX-Gemini to support a wide range of popular precision illumination applications.

Standard wavelength pairs include: 488/515, 458/515, 445/515, 473/515, 405/488, 488/640, 405/640, and now 488/647nm. Custom combinations are available upon request.

Measuring 130mm L x 90mm W x 38mm H, iFLEX-Gemini is small and portable, yet delivers highly stable performance. The robust opto-mechanical design eliminates the need for laser realignment, and can be easily integrated into instruments and used in a laboratory. iFLEX-Gemini also offers design flexibility, since each wavelength may be individually adjusted for output power and modulation repetition rate.  

“We are excited to introduce the compact iFLEX-Gemini laser series as a replacement to bulky gas lasers,” said Fiona Evans, Laser Product Manager at Qioptiq. “The iFLEX-Gemini laser series has a simplified instrument design and two independently controlled lasers, with both wavelengths combined in one coaxial output beam – making it ideal for blood analysis, DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, microscopy, optogenetics, forensics and metrology applications.”

Qioptiq’s iFLEX-Gemini also features direct laser modulation, direct output power adjustment, electronic shuttering and integrated mechanical shutter, as well as high stability with low noise. It poses no toxic gas risk, requires no water-cooling or fans, and has a prolonged useful lifetime. Wavelengths will emit alternately or simultaneously on demand.

It is easy to connect the iFLEX-Gemini to any microscope by using the patented kineFLEX single-mode fiber delivery system. Additional information about the iFLEX-Gemini can be downloaded here.

The iFLEX-Gemini will debut at Photonics West in San Francisco, CA, January 31 – February 2, 2017 at Excelitas Technologies’ exhibit: Booth # 1423.


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