PKvitality introduces next generation trackers to monitor glucose and lactic acid

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SkinTaste® Technology Built into Adaptable Biosensors Taste the Chemical Composition of Skin

PKvitality, an advanced bio-wearable company has today unveiled K’Track, a line of next generation trackers with the ability to analyze key physiological markers by simply “tasting” the skin rather than analyzing blood samples. The groundbreaking technology brings new capabilities to the health and fitness wearable market. The company is initially launching a glucose monitor, K’Track Glucose, to serve the 415 million affected by diabetes as well as K’Track Athlete, a device that for the first time allows people to monitor lactic acid, an indicator of muscle fatigue in real-time to significantly improve training and performance. Availability will follow regulatory clearance.

PKvitality is an affiliate company of PKparis, an acclaimed designer of consumer electronics. It is fusing this expertise along with 20 years of biological research to bring its patented SkinTaste® technology to market. SkinTaste is a revolutionary biosensor array that uses micro-needles (<0.5mm long) to collect and analyze chemical compositions of the interstitial fluid found just below the surface of the skin. This adaptable array known as the K’apsul®, is designed to fit into multiple wearable devices such as watches, armbands and bracelets and can be configured to analyze a range of different biomarkers.

How It Works

The SkinTaste technology contained within the K’apsul works by inserting tiny micro-needles just <0.5mm long into the skin to probe interstitial fluid, a solution that surrounds the tissue cells of all multicellular animals. On average 16 percent of a person’s body weight (or 10 liters for the average person) is made up of this liquid, which provides cells with nutrients and a means of waste removal. This fluid absorbs chemicals and biomarkers such as glucose directly from the blood, which can be detected by the SkinTaste biosensor.

At the touch-of-a button, the probes penetrate this layer and pumps a tiny drop of interstitial fluid into the K’Track wearable device for chemical analysis. While the user will feel the slight pressure of the probe pressing on their skin, they feel absolutely no pain as the sensor never reaches the pain nerve or a blood vessel, which are typically 1mm or more below the epidermis. K’Track Glucose

K’Track Glucose is set to revolutionize the way diabetics monitor glucose levels without the need for cumbersome and painful blood-based tests. Those suffering from type 1 and 2 diabetes need to monitor their glucose levels between four and 10 times a day, yet research suggests 80 percent of people do not check levels enough despite the life threatening consequences. K’Track Glucose has been designed to eliminate this problem by reducing the barriers to taking tests. Its sleek design allows it to be discreetly worn all day in every social setting or during sport and exercise when glucose levels are prone to spike. In addition, readings are taken internally and in one device, without the need for multiple strips that are embarrassing and awkward to store, analyze and carry.

Despite announcement by companies such as Apple and Google, K’Track Glucose is the first accurate non-blood based glucose monitor to be built directly into a wearable device. It combines the elegance and utility of traditional activity trackers with the life changing information of a medical device.

Users are able to painlessly take their glucose levels at the push-of-a-button. The Glucose K’apsul biosensor fits into the base of the device and effortlessly probes and tastes the user’s skin to produce a reading in about one minute. Results of the reading, along with previous measurements for the day are displayed on the screen and can also be synced to an app. Each Glucose replaceable K’apsul lasts 30 days and can take unlimited readings during that time.

K’Track Glucose also connects with its dedicated iOS and Android app to show results over time. Alerts and reminders can be set in the app and on the device to remind users when their next reading is required. It also tracks steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned.

Winner of the Tech for a Better World and honoree in the Wearable Technologies categories of the 2017 CES Innovation Awards, K’Track Glucose is expected to retail at $149 with a replacement Glucose K’apsul cost of $99.

K’Track Athlete

K’Track Athlete will offer sports enthusiasts and elite athletes a completely new edge in their training and performance with the ability to track Lactic Acid in real-time, hitherto impossible with traditional detection methods requiring painful blood analytics.

Lactic Acid is a key performance indicator for the body and a guide to how well muscles react to long term exertion and recovery. By understanding optimal levels of lactic acid or the “Lactate Threshold,” endurance athletes and their trainers can optimize training schedules, recovery patents and ultimately performance.

The Lactate Threshold is the point at which lactate begins to accumulate in the blood at a faster rate than it can be removed. By ensuring exercise intensity is at or below this level, athletes can sustain performance with lower levels of fatigue for longer periods. Each endurance activity has a different ideal threshold range and every individual will be different. Lactate Threshold is important for endurance and sports with explosive activity such as long distance running, rowing, cycling, swimming, triathlons and obstacle races as well as any sports at the professional level.

Current tests require cumbersome blood draws that cannot be performed during activity, resulting in thresholds being approximated based on running paces, heart rate or when someone becomes breathless. With K’Track Athlete, users as well as their trainers can take lactic acid readings at the pushof-a-button or in continuous mode with the Athlete K’apsul built into the base of the device. Its readings are displayed in real-time on the K’Track screen and can be synced to its dedicated app.

K’Track Athlete is expected to retail at $199 with replacement Athlete K’apsul costing $149 for 30 days use. K’Track Athlete was named an honoree in the Fitness, Sports and Biotech category of the 2017 CES Innovation Awards.


  1. Susanne Bagley Susanne Bagley United States says:

    Thank you for the informative article--so excited about the K'Track Glucose. Is there a date when it will be available?

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