Diabetes UK warn people living with diabetes to be cautious is hot temperatures

Diabetes UK warned people living with diabetes to be extra vigilant as temperatures soar across the UK.

Long periods of inactivity in the sun can affect diabetes control, causing blood glucose levels to be higher than usual. As well as higher glucose levels, insulin injections are absorbed more quickly in hot weather increasing the chances of  hypoglycemia or a hypo.  So it will be important for people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels more often and be ready to adjust their insulin dose if necessary.

Another cause for concern is sunburn due to neuropathy or nerve damage in the feet.   Neuropathy is caused by high blood glucose levels damaging the small blood vessels which supply the nerves. For those people with diabetes who have neuropathy, they may not be aware their feet are burning, so they’ll need to apply sunscreen and wear flip flops on hot ground. If ignored, minor injuries may develop into infections or ulcers.

Pav Kalsi, Clinical Advisor for Diabetes UK, said:

It’s important for people with diabetes to be aware about the effect hot weather could have on their blood glucose levels."

“Having diabetes isn’t a barrier to enjoying the warmer weather but we would urge people living with the condition to take extra care, measure their glucose levels more regularly and, if applicable, keep a close eye on their feet.”



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