New Fertility Test Analyzer helps couples conceive faster

Fertility Test Analyzer, the app that gives you the hormone evolution of your cycles, offering a free alternative to other conception tools.

Fertility Test Analyzer is a new app designed to help couples conceive faster. It combines a scientific method of data acquisition with low-cost urine test strips to stand out in a topic where period calendars are the predominant format. The only requirement to use it is to have an Android device with a camera.

The app bases its operation on the analysis of hormone levels, accurately read with an innovative Computer Vision algorithm from ovulation and pregnancy test strips. As it works with information coming from actual measurements, all the data presented to its users is real, not mere estimations. This feature makes it specially attractive to women with irregular cycles because it pinpoints their fertile window with more accuracy than classic period calendars, maximizing their chances of getting pregnant. In addition, the most impatient ones are in luck! The app can confirm a pregnancy from the seventh day after ovulation and show the hormone evolution during the first weeks of gestation, so the future parents can see everything goes well.

The project has been developed by Colnix Technology, an emergent startup founded by a married couple of engineers, in the frame of a non-profit organization. Pablo and Maria, that have been parents a year ago, know that getting pregnant can be hard and take some time. “We wanted our project to help people achieve their dream: to become parents”, they say.


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