Tradeshow Talks with CDS Analytical

Tradeshow Talks with
​CDS Analytical
Booth 2653

First of all Terry, please could you give an introduction to who you are, what you do and where we can find you at Pittcon today?

We're CDS Analytical and you can find us in booth number 2653. Our home base is in Oxford, Pennsylvania. We make sample introduction devices for GCMS which include Purge & Trap concentrators and the associated auto samplers that go with them.

We also make Thermal Desorption equipment, and the automated samplers that are associated with them. We also specialise in automated Pyrolysis.

Have you got any products that you're specifically trying to promote at Pittcon?

All of our Thermal Desorption, Purge & Trap and Pyrolysis systems.

What are the applications of these products?

Pyrolysis could be used for polymer analysis, forensics and oil analysis. Thermal Desorption is air sampling, chemical weapons and industrial hygiene. Purge & Trap is drinking water, waste water.

Who do you want to come and visit your booth today?

Anybody interested in any of those types of applications, particularly environmental pyrolysis, research and development and academia. We work with universities on research a lot, so for anybody that needs to give a sample into a GC, we're the ones to come and see.

What are you hoping to gain from Pittcon this year?

We hope to build good customer relations, and meet some customers happy with our product.

CDS analytical can be found at booth 2653 at Pittcon this week!


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