Study sheds new light on role of childhood abuse in chronic depression

An innovative study published by Eva-Lotta Brakemeier and her Group shed new light on the role of childhood abuse in chronic depression and borderline personality disorder. Numerous studies report that childhood maltreatment constitutes a risk factor for mental disorders including major depression and borderline personality disorder. However, studies investigating the occurrence of childhood maltreatment among mental disorders and comparing differences in severity are rare.

This study compared patients with borderline personality disorder, chronic depression, episodic depression, and healthy controls. Results shows that all patients groups reported higher childhood abuse compared to healthy individuals. Patients with borderline personality disorder reported a higher rates of childhood maltreatment compared to both depressed patient groups.

These results underline the importance of considering childhood maltreatment for borderline personality disorders, being reported by 92% of patients. This is particularly important considering that several studies have shown childhood abuse to be an influential environmental factor in the development of borderline personality disorder.



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