Tradeshow talks with Braun

Tradeshow talks with BraunBooth E23

Why are you here at Health GB?

We found out about this exhibition through Arab Health in Dubai this year when we attended, we heard that the target audience was EBME, NHS Supply Chain, and HEP Healthcare. All these sectors are areas that we have been involved with for the past 60 years. We've got accounts with the NHS so, we thought it was a good way to connect with our customers and end users here and because it's an international exhibition, we are hoping to also find dealers and distributors for our products. With the event occurring over three days, you've got a wider variety of people today (Monday) is EBME. We can connect with them, because we actually manufacture our own equipment and we offer training on the maintenance of the equipment, so it's a good way to connect.

We've recently got our anaesthetic machines on to the NHS Supply Chain through a Framework Agreement, so it would be good to meet the end users and market our anaesthetic machines direct, and say, "Did you know that we are listed on the supply chain now with this machine?" And, for private Healthcare, we do supply some of our machines to them as well and, we want to build our business in the UK.

What product are you focusing on here at Health GB?

We're not specifically focusing on one product, although we invented and manufacture our pneumatic self-compensating tourniquet machine, but as we've progressed into the export market over the years we are now involved with complete planning of hospital construction through to fully equipping. We also provide the after-sales service, we provide training and send our engineers out to do the installation etc. So, it's a vast range of products and services we offer.

How do Braun stand out from other businesses in your fields?

We are a family business, we're celebrating 170 years, this year, which not many SMEs can say that, so, the fact that we've been going that long, we pride ourselves on that. We offer an excellent service with our products, we don't just offer our product and forget about it, we follow up, and we keep communication going with the customer. If there's a repair that needs doing, or service they need doing, we go and send an engineer out to fix the problem, and just keep the communication going. So we offer a personalised service and proud to do so, some of the feedback I get from customers dealing with bigger companies “they don't come back to us, and then we're sent through this number, and told to ring this number”, whereas they can get in contact with us directly and we'll communicate with them on the same day a so it is a quick turnaround.


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