Liva Healthcare, dacadoo announce strategic cooperation to tackle growing global health crises

Digital health engagement platform, Dacadoo, and Liva Healthcare, the innovative digital health coaching platform for scalable lifestyle and disease management, today announce a strategic cooperation to help tackle growing global health crises.

The Swiss company, Dacadoo, develops and operates a digital, mobile health engagement platform that helps employees actively manage their health in an easy and fun way.

To engage users to remain active and healthy, the company applies motivational techniques from online games, collaborative features from social networks, personalized feedback, and the patented Dacadoo Health Score to better understand and improve their health.

Liva Healthcareis an innovative digital health coaching platform for disease management. Liva Healthcare’s platform connects patients with health professionals creating a triangle of information sharing and advice between patient, GP and health coach.

Its focus lies on tackling chronic illnesses, such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, by driving behavior change.

Dacadoo’s platform focuses on health promotion of the healthy and at-risk population, whilst Liva Healthcare aims to prevent and roll back chronic lifestyle diseases – such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Through the collaboration of the two complementary digital platforms, both companies can offer a broader service to their corporate customers, such as payers and insurance providers. Providing a better coverage of the population’s health management from healthy to not so healthy, in a connected offering.

Peter Ohnemus, founder and CEO of dacadoo, commented:

Our insurance clients want to take a more active role in the health management of their members and provide a good coverage across all health stages of their insured population. The connection of the platforms of both dacadoo and Liva Healthcare do respond well to exactly this need and we are very happy to collaborate with Liva Healthcare in this area."

Kristoffer From, co-founder and CEO of Liva Healthcare, added:

Liva’s scalable platform was designed as a lifestyle intervention tool to help prevent and roll-back chronic diseases. A hybrid of technology and human intervention, Liva is used by its insurance firms to prevent and manage disease, cut costs and gain a competitive advantage. The strategic cooperation of Liva and dacadoo’s complementary platforms will offer insurers a one-stop shop for managing and improving health and wellbeing of their customers."



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