Olympus Professional Dictation offers antimicrobial, alcohol-wipe resistant dictation solutions

Olympus Professional Dictation, which provides comprehensive and efficient solutions for streamlining dictation workflows through speech-to-text hardware and software, offers antimicrobial and alcohol-wipe resistant dictation devices that can reduce exposure to viruses and other microbes for those on the frontline of duty. Doctors and Healthcare workers can benefit from Olympus' commitment to making lives healthier and safer.

In addition to traditional professions that benefit from dictation, speech to text has become an important part of operational efficiency within Healthcare.

The Olympus RecMic II is a range of special handheld USB microphones, which have an anti-microbial housing with embedded Polygiene technology. Polygiene antimicrobial technology is based on the natural ability of silver to inhibit the growth of microbes. The Polygiene silver compound is added during the manufacturing process, and Polygiene silver ions are released at the surface, which deactivates the microbes upon contact with the product's surface. The RecMic II USB microphone together with the Polygiene technology has been tested to ISO 22196 standard (Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces). The test results showed that all tested microbes were reduced on the surface by over 99.5%.

The RecMic II is also alcohol-wipe resistant, allowing users to keep the device clean in a medical or other environment. Ethanol (76.9 to 81.4 v/v%) or isopropanol (70 v/v%) can be used to disinfect the surface of the RecMic II.

Olympus understands the challenges faced by individuals and businesses that interact in-person with the public and clients, and we hope these dictation solutions provide some peace of mind for those professionals. Olympus is committed to helping ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities while supporting business continuity."

Christopher Baugh, Head of Professional Dictation Group, Olympus Europe


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