INTEGRA launches voice-activated pipettes

INTEGRA Biosciences has created the future of pipetting with the release of voice-activated pipettes. Initially available for VOYAGER pipettes and D-ONE single channel pipetting modules on the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, this voice assistant technology uses artificial intelligence to greatly streamline routine processes and increase laboratory productivity.

This cutting-edge solution is INTEGRA’s first foray into the world of artificial intelligence, and is designed to offer workflow benefits far beyond simplifying pipetting tasks. The new voice assistant can also tell you the time and local weather, as well as remind you of upcoming meetings and tasks – much like our beloved smart phones or desktops apps.

The software uses state-of-the-art voice recognition technology to recognize individuals, and can even be taught to use the correct names. It responds to instructions, and can be told which programs to run without having to press a single button.

This innovation will make automated pipetting procedures almost contactless, requiring minimal physical input and supervision from the user. The voice assistant also keeps tabs on stock levels, and can put in orders directly from the INTEGRA e-shop, lightening the load of busy staff and ensuring you will never run out of essential lab supplies.

Voice-activated pipetting will be available to purchase as an add-on from INTEGRA on April 1st, 2022. Watch the video here.

INTEGRA's voice assistant - the future of pipetting

Video Credit: INTEGRA Biosciences


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