Pipetting solutions aid allergy prevention research

Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden are using Integra Biosciences’ PIPETBOY pro pipette controllers with integrated LED lighting to study the physiological function of mast cells and their role in allergic reactions. Their ultimate aim is to develop novel vaccines and therapies to prevent and treat common allergies.

Pipetting solutions aid allergy prevention research

Image Credit: Integra Biosciences

The incidence of atopic allergies – such as hay fever and asthma – has dramatically increased in the past 50 years, with up to 30% of people in some western countries experiencing severe symptoms requiring medical intervention. Mast cells have been found to induce strong inflammatory reactions in response to immunoglobulin E, prompting a team at the university’s Department of Cell and Molecular Biology to research the part they play in triggering the allergic response.

Dr Srinivas Akula, Postdoctoral Researcher in the department, said: “We use PIPETBOY pro pipette controllers for purifying and culturing mast cells. They are vital tools for all of our multiple workflows. We have used PIPETBOYs for over a decade now, and we’re extremely happy with their performance and reliability. They continually dispense highly accurate volumes, which is very important for robust and reliable experiments.”

We would like to extend our portfolio of Integra products in the future with the EVOLVE multichannel manual pipettes and ECO Rack GripTip pipette tips. This would further speed up our workflow and increase our capacity for mast cell culture, taking us even closer to an effective treatment for the potentially debilitating allergies suffered by millions worldwide.”

Dr Srinivas Akula, Postdoctoral Researcher


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