New device helps catch out kids that smoke

Bedfont Scientific, a manufacturer of breath monitoring equipment based in Southern New Jersey, announced today that it has developed a tool that can aid parents in testing their kids for cigarette and marijuana use and it's called the Smokerlyzer.

The test works on a simple breath sample with the results appearing instantly as the person breathes into the Smokerlyzer carbon monoxide breath tester. Carbon monoxide is a component of both cigarette and marijuana smoke, and there are discernible differences between both substances because of the different way in which they are smoked. Marijuana use usually tends to result in higher readings on the tester. This technology has been in use for the last 20 years in clinical research and in quit smoking clinics, and now more recently by professional counselors in high schools across the U.S. Bedfont has now brought this technology to consumers in the form of a personal breath tester for $59.99.

The professional version of the technology has been extremely popular with schools all over the country, with schools in New Jersey and California leading the way. Over 100 high schools in the State of New Jersey now use professional Smokerlyzers to counsel teens on the dangers of smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

"We're so excited to finally be able to bring this technology to consumers at an affordable price," says company spokesperson Jason Aversano. "For years now, we've received calls from consumers wanting to purchase our professional Smokerlyzers, so we knew there was a market here. We know that parents will find that the Smokerlyzer is much more than a disciplinary tool and that it is far more effective as a way to show their kids the dangers of smoking these harmful substances. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular with educators and teens in schools across the country."

A test on the Smokerlyzer can be conducted in a matter of seconds. So when your child walks through the door, you simply pull out your Smokerlyzer, conduct a test and you instantly get results. There's real value in the price too, as parents can conduct unlimited tests with the Smokerlyzer and there are no additional accessories to purchase. In addition, the tester is designed to last approximately two years with heavy use.

"Parents who smoke should also be wary," Aversano added. "Kids might just be the ones buying a Smokerlyzer to test their parents. Many school counselors have told us that kids are often so impressed with the monitors that they often ask to take them home to test their parents who smoke."


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