SANYO releases whitepaper on its new cell culture CO2 incubator

SANYO North America's Biomedical and Environmental Division has released a new whitepaper showing that higher up-time ratios, based on new protocols that minimize incubator downtime when compared to conventional decontamination methods, can accelerate a return on investment in cell culture CO2 incubators that use hydrogen peroxide vapor (H2O2) in conjunction with narrow-bandwidth ultraviolet light and copper-enriched stainless steel. The return on investment favors short, labor-saving sterilization cycles while the need for interior sterilization prior to initiating applications related to in vitro fertilization, stem cell research and regenerative tissue culture is more frequent than longer-term cell culture work.

The whitepaper outlines how the use of a hydrogen peroxide vapor (H2O2) atomizer in situ to decontaminate the cell culture CO2 incubator without the use of heat sterilization can offer significant advantages in routine clinical and highly-regulated research laboratories where downtime is costly and should be avoided. Leaving only minute residual amounts of sterile water condensate and trace oxygen, the combination of a ten-minute H2O2 vapor fog in the chamber, circulated by the incubator airflow blower, followed by exposure to narrow-bandwidth ultraviolet light establishes a thorough antimicrobial impact on all incubators' walls, shelves, reservoirs, air plenums, sensors and other interior components without the time and expense required by high heat cycles. Since all interior components are easily reconfigured to remain in the chamber for sterilization during the process, use of a separate autoclave is avoided and the incubator can be returned to service within three hours.

The results shown in the whitepaper conclude that the SANYO up time advantage ensures maximum productivity.

Deepak Mistry, Strategic Marketing Manager said, "The three-hour in situ sterilization sequence puts the SANYO Sterisonic GxP incubator online more quickly and with greater efficiency than competitive models using high heat or other decontamination protocols. In applications that require frequent sterilization between processes, the SANYO Sterisonic GxP demonstrates a significant up time advantage for maximum productivity."

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