Oculus Innovative Sciences introduces Microcyn Solution for treatment of post-surgical wounds

Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq:OCLS), a commercial medical technology company that designs, produces and markets safe and effective tissue care products based upon the Microcyn® Technology platform, today unveiled Microcyn Solution with preservatives, at the New York Podiatric Clinical Conference & Exhibition being held in downtown Manhattan, January 29-31.

The Microcyn® Solution for professional use is intended for the irrigation and management via debridement of post-surgical wounds. Available in 500 mL and 990 mL units with attached pharmasling® hangers, Microcyn Solution has no known drug/treatment interactions or contraindications; is non-foaming and safe to use around nose, mouth and eyes; does not contain antibiotics and will not facilitate bacterial resistance. With a laboratory-proven inactivation of bacteria, fungus and spores in-solution, Microcyn delivers a six-log reduction of MRSA, VRE, Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter and many other pathogens in just 30 seconds as labeled and cleared by the FDA. The patented Microcyn Solution can be easily and harmlessly disposed of without the added cost of special handling. The Microcyn Technology has treated over two million patients worldwide and has been used in 30 clinical studies, all without a report of a single serious adverse effect.

For more information, pricing or ordering visit http://store.oculusis.com/ or phone 1-800-931-3205.

Adam Landsman, DPM, Ph.D. and assistant professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School in Boston, who was lead investigator in a Phase II trial in which the Microcyn Technology was used to treat mildly infected diabetic foot ulcers in 2007, stated: "The current standard for surgical wound cleansing and irrigation involves the use of products that do not kill the MRSA infection in-vitro. This is important in light of the skyrocketing proliferation of these dangerous bacteria as well as the evolving 'super bug' mutations. Microcyn is also highly attractive since it does not produce foam, which hampers visualization of the wound. And finally, with the health community so vitally focused on cost savings, the Microcyn Solution will actually cost less than the current combination of saline and expensive antibiotics."

Oculus is initially introducing the Microcyn Solution with a 14-person sales force, which will be expanded as the company addresses this growing healthcare challenge. According to Medtech Insight, Inc, there were 39 million acute surgeries and nine million trauma wounds in the United States alone in 2004.

Source Oculus Innovative Sciences


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