Physician's Technology launches WilloMD iLaserX device

The Italian Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo once declared "everything hurts". Baby boomers are more active than ever and stress their joints. Millions rely on dangerous pain meds and injections to stay active. Pain medication and injections can be dangerous and even lethal. Popular therapeutic pain laser technology offers hope but is not practical for home use and is out of reach of a vast patient population.

Physician's Technology, experts in joint pain, introduces their fifth generation joint pain device called the WilloMD iLaserX. It's the only digital medical hands free, in-home, joint pain and rejuvenation device that is FDA cleared. It is proven safer and more effective than conventional chemical pain medication and is commended by the Arthritis Foundation.

The WilloMD leverages a patented combination of digital dynamic photonic and thermal kinetic laser technology. It works in a similar bio-therapeutic way compared to a $20,000 therapeutic pain laser but more safely, gently, and at a fraction of the cost. Use the WilloMD as directed and feel the dramatic relief of joint pain and greater range of motion in your painful joints. If your condition does not respond to the WilloMD within 30 days the company will buy back your WilloMD at 100% of the purchase price. The WilloMD iLaserX may be the only help you need for years of pain free joints and may be your best chance to say goodbye to pain meds.

Only the WilloMD uses a special diagnostic sensor system that "learns" your condition. Major medical schools including Stanford have reported how joint toxicity can delay joint recovery. The WilloMD gives joints the boost they need to dramatically remove joint toxicity and accelerate joint repair and pain relief. Made possible with decades of research and development, the WilloMD iLaserX offers an entirely new option that is more advanced than technology currently in use by NASA. The 2010 landmark medical study proved the results and thousands enjoy a new life without pain or pain pills. The WilloMD power grid comes in contact with the skin surface and with the help of 127 embedded photonic energy clusters working at the direction of a patented digital operating system multiple energy based therapy is delivered right to the joint. Best of all it is hands-free so there is no tiring fatigue; just follow your easy treatment protocol and place it on your painful area. The WilloMD sits comfortably atop the user's joint, providing continuous overall coverage leaving them free to watch television, read, or surf the internet. Now you can have the more advanced technology currently available at hospitals, pain clinics and medical centers at a fraction of the cost.

The energy output from the WilloMD is in the safe range as opposed to a potentially dangerous energy blast from conventional therapeutic pain lasers. The unique cellular energy propagation of the WilloMD eliminates the need to over stimulate cellular and other bio-physiologic systems to experience sustained pain relief. David B. Sutton, CEO of Physician's Technology commented, "The WilloMD is truly remarkable new digital medical technology for joints. My family and I use it regularly when we experience joint pain, stiffness and the effects of arthritis. Try the WilloMD and feel your improvement."

Often patients feel improvement right from their first WilloMD treatment. According to Dr. Ronald Shapiro, "The average patient using the WilloMD will often first begin to feel reduced pain relief and improved range of motion right from the first treatment. As they continue with their suggested joint pain protocol they begin to notice a variety of improvements as they can return to many of the activities they love. They should be able to maintain their improvement with periodic maintenance treatments. The best part is they can use the WilloMD when and where they want; right in the convenience of their own home, office, or lockeroom."


Physician's Technology

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  1. Mark Paradiseic Mark Paradiseic United States says:

    This WilloMD is truly a remarkable device.  I have used mine for several months and it is a huge comfort to know that I can get pain relief without taking medications and those risky side-effects.  So simple to use, at home or office. If you are still taking pain meds for joint pain or are suffering with joint pain, give the WilloMD a try.  It will change your life!  It certainly changed mine for the better.  Thank you WilloMD!

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