Irvine Scientific announces launch of BalanCD MDCK cell culture medium

Irvine Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of its BalanCD™ MDCK cell culture medium, a next generation cell culture product responding to today's requirements for media used in cell-based vaccine manufacturing. This new flagship product expands Irvine Scientific's current BalanCD product portfolio of animal component-free and chemically-defined media with the addition of a new purpose-built product.

"We worked closely with the researchers in the field and applied Rational Culture Media Design® to develop the first-to-market animal component-free, chemically-defined MDCK medium for cell-based vaccine development and production," says Dr. Jessie Ni, Chief Scientific Officer at Irvine Scientific. "The medium was developed to support maximal MDCK cell growth and virus production. Superior performance has been demonstrated during evaluations for influenza vaccine production."

The BalanCD product line meets customers' expectations for cell culture product design, quality, and performance because of the integrated approach to addressing critical issues, such as the risks introduced through raw material sourcing and supply, from early product development through scale-up. Any product that carries the BalanCD name assures customers that an extensive panel of stringent criteria has been met.

BalanCD products are formulated using raw materials with a scalable and well characterized supply chain, intended for large-scale biopharmaceutical processes, and provide for highly reliable and reproducible performance. Additionally, since the medium was developed using Irvine Scientific's Rational Culture Media Design approach, extraneous components that may contribute to unnecessary bioproduction costs or incremental risks have been eliminated. The end result is optimized cell culture media products that meet the demands of today's bioproduction customer.


Irvine Scientific


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