Household cleaning tips to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms

The month of May has been designated as Asthma and Allergy month and the folks at Your Signature Maids, a Lawrenceville maid service, say that now is the time to clean your home in a healthy way and on a regular basis. By doing so you can reduce the triggers that commonly causes asthma attacks and allergy symptoms.

Reduce Indoor Pollen

It is suggested that you keep windows closed and used air-conditioning on days that have high pollen counts. Check your furnace filter. When was the last time it was changed?

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in the spring? Then it's a good idea to come in and change your clothing. It's also a good idea to take a shower to remove pollen and other irritants that accumulate on your body and in your hair.

Remember that pets carry pollen in their coats. Once your pet goes outdoors, keep it there as long as possible. You may have to go to the trouble of wiping down your pet when it comes in.

Reducing and Preventing Indoor Allergens

Mold spores, animal dander and dust mites are just a few of the common indoor allergy triggers. There are allergy resistant covers for pillows, mattresses and box springs. It wouldn't hurt to vacuum your mattress, change your linens and clean the floors on a regular basis. That's where an extraordinary maid service, like Your Signature Maids, can be very useful.

Source: Your Signature Maids


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