Philips announces expanded availability of diagnostic X-ray solutions

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG AEX: PHIA) today announced expanded availability of its portfolio of diagnostic X-ray solutions, including DuraDiagnost, DigitalDiagnost, MobileDiagnost wDR, MobileDiagnost Opta, ProGrade and PrimaryDiagnost. With new releases of several of these solutions now available in the U.S., and availability of all these solutions in new global markets, the portfolio offers Philips' customers innovative solutions designed to meet the needs and overcome the challenges of diagnostic X-ray environments across the world.

"Philips understands that a one-size-fits-all approach in health care just doesn't work. We serve a wide range of customers around the world, and their needs vary depending on a number of factors, including the economic pressures, patient populations and regulatory landscape in their local markets," said Bert van Meurs, General Manager, Integrated Clinical Solutions, Philips Healthcare. "Our diagnostic X-ray portfolio provides meaningful solutions for health care providers looking to take advantage of digital radiography, in any region of the world."

Central to the solutions in the Philips DR portfolio is the new SkyPlate portable detector, which offers cassette-sized wireless sharing across Philips' compatible digital radiography systems. In addition, Philips' SkyFlow technology, available on DigitalDiagnost and MobileDiagnost wDR, keeps providers at the forefront of clinical performance by allowing clinicians to combine the ease of the grid-less acquisition workflow for bedside chest radiography with detail contrast offering grid-like images. The Eleva user interface, designed for fast, consistent workflow results, also offers pre-settings, customizable user profiles and rapid image availability. All systems also share Philips' Unified Image Quality Enhancement (UNIQUE) software that allows for consistent imaging across all anatomical areas, which aims to limit the number of follow-up exams and additional X-ray dose.

From the DuraDiagnost enabling fast exam set up and workflow efficiency, to the DigitalDiagnost designed to address the advanced demands of busy medical facilities, to MobileDiagnost wDR and MobileDiagnost Opta providing bedside, on-the-spot imaging capabilities, the Philips DR suite provides a solution for virtually any clinical environment. The portfolio rounds out with ProGrade, upgrading providers to a fully integrated, digital imaging experience using BuckyDiagnost, and PrimaryDiagnost, which achieved its first installation in July 2014.

"With Philips, we've moved from ordering a piece of equipment to an established long-term partnership. That partnership allows us to take a long view of how we will improve care," said Dr. James V. Rawson, Chief of Radiology, Georgia Regents Medical Center. "When we replaced the digital portable X-ray units in the ICU, we completely changed the workflow. After an X-ray was taken in the ICU, the image was immediately available at that bedside for the physician to be able to see. That allowed real-time decisions and corrections or repositioning of lines and repeating at the X-ray, and cut our cycle-time down substantially."

Philips will be showcasing its diagnostic X-ray solutions at booth #6742 of the upcoming Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting, November 30th through December 5th in Chicago, Ill.


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