Gentronix signs three-year technology access deal with SIMM

UK based Gentronix Limited, the specialist genetic toxicology company, today announced it has signed a three year technology access deal with one of China's most prestigious research intensive institutes, Shanghai Institute Materia Medica (SIMM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Under the terms of the multi-year agreement, Gentronix will provide training & installation support and on-going reagent supply to SIMM scientists to enable use of its proprietary technology, GreenScreen HC, for the detection of chemicals that may cause DNA damage.

The human cell based technology will be used to further expand the ongoing SIMM - Laboratoires Servier joint research initiative set up in 2012 as the collaborators look to expand the range of predictive assays used at SIMM to better understand the properties and potential hazards of new drug candidates.

GreenScreen HC makes use of the human derived TK6 cell line, genetically modified to carry a reporter construct that allows for the generation and detection of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) in response to up-regulation of a key gene, GADD45a following DNA stress inducing events.

GreenScreen HC is a pan-mechanistic detection assay capable of detecting all classes of genetic toxin, as well as being able to detect genotoxins formed through metabolic activation using S9 mix.

Prof Yang Ye, Deputy Director of SIMM, commented 'As we expand our research initiative with Laboratoires Servier in novel drug discovery, it is important for SIMM to have access to the best technology as it looks to both advance its collaborative research activities whilst at the same time train the scientists of tomorrow. GreenScreen HC provides us with an excellent capability for early genetic toxicology hazard assessment'

For Nancy Claude, Director of Non Clinical Safety at Servier, the implementation of Greenscreen HC at the SIMM-Servier joint laboratory is an important step for the early stage toxicity screening conducted in both parties as it will contribute to the selection of the best drug candidates quickly and using a minimal amount of compound.

John Nicholson, Chairman and CEO of Gentronix further commented 'This represents our first GreenScreen installation in China and an important development as we increase usage of our technology globally. SIMM has a notable history in research and we look forward to working with their scientists as they expand their drug profiling activities'.


Gentronix Limited


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