Ortho-ATI™ long term study showing effectiveness for tennis elbow published in prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine

Regenerative medicine company Orthocell Limited has today announced its long-term study into its Ortho-ATITM treatment for chronic tennis elbow was published in the latest edition of the prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM).

The publication provides evidence of the durability and long term positive effect of Orthocell’s Ortho-ATI™ tendon regeneration treatment for degenerate tendon injuries. The results showed grip strength scores of patients suffering from a severe form of tennis elbow, also called chronic lateral epicondylitis, improved by an average 84% at one year after treatment and 207% at an average of 4.5 years after they underwent the minimally invasive injection procedure.

Orthocell Managing Director Paul Anderson said:

The results are a significant step forward in the delivery of an effective stem cell treatment for degenerate tendons and is one of the longest follow up studies in the field of cellular therapies. This data supports our mission of regenerating mobility for patients with tendon injuries and the ageing population

Patients with severe chronic resistant lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) who had failed all other treatment options including corticosteroids and remedial physiotherapy, received a single injection of their own healthy tendon cells that were manufactured in Orthocell’s Therapeutic Goods Admiration (TGA) licensed facility in Australia.  Patients demonstrated significant improvements in pain, clinical function and structural repair with an average follow up of 4.5 years.

Tennis elbow is a painful condition caused by damage and degeneration of tendons in the elbow because of overuse.  It is a condition that seriously affects between 1-3% of the population and according to Transparency Market Research (2014), is responsible for more than US$750 million in annual surgery expenditure.

“Ortho-ATI™ has proven itself to be a durable technology and cost effective treatment and establishes Orthocell as leaders the field of regenerative musculoskeletal medicine,” Mr Anderson said.

Ortho-ATI™ is available in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong for patients who have failed conservative treatment options such as corticosteroid injections and exercise programmes and have on going symptoms.


Orthocell Limited


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