GMU’s early-detection urine test works for Lyme disease, study shows

After three years and 300 patients, George Mason University researchers have proof that their early-detection urine test for Lyme disease works.

It's the largest study of its kind looking at early-stage indicators for Lyme disease, said Lance Liotta, co-director and medical director of the George Mason-based Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine. "We are looking at a highly specific protein shed from the surface of the bacteria that causes Lyme."

The research was published in the Journal of Translational Medicine.

And now Mason researchers are applying the approach to Ebola, malaria and tuberculosis, among other diseases. The Mason team is working side by side with the private company Ceres Nanoscience, which Liotta and his co-director Chip Petricoin co-founded. A test that works like a pregnancy test could be used in undeveloped countries to quickly identify disease, even when patients aren't near a hospital, he said.

The National Institutes of Health funded the research that led to Mason's patented technology, which traps tell-tale clues (such as the Lyme bacteria protein) that a disease is present. The Mason technology, which is licensed to Ceres, works during the earliest stages of disease and finds the tiniest traces missed by most diagnostic tests.

In the case of Lyme disease, some patients may still have active cases but traditional tests don't register it, Liotta said. These patients may not be receiving the additional round of treatment they need, he said.

"If the patient gets better, the test goes negative," Liotta said. "It's a good way to monitor the patient."

"We're looking to repeat the story again with these other diseases," said Alessandra Luchini, a Mason professor who spearheaded the Lyme test research, is a co-inventor of the technology, and continues to develop new applications. "Other targets for the new type of test include Chagas disease, which is infectious and caused by a parasite, and toxoplasmosis, another parasite-borne disease."


George Mason University


  1. Cash Johnny Cash Johnny United States says:

    Please take me the right way....I've been SCREAMING for accurate tests for YEARS! Thank God it's about to happen...but ...the sad part it will do NOTHING! yes, you heard me correctly will do NOTHING.

       I have to proof.... I went to a Doctor this past September...He's the "great" IDSA Doctor, you know...they "claim" they know all there is about Lyme Disease. The moment this guy walked in he was a prick. Snotty and Arrogant, says to me, what do you want from me, I said be a patient, I've got the bulleye and the tick that got me.....I'm looking to be treated properly for that....

        I mentioned that I had the National Guidelines with me and would hope to be treated that way. He smirked and said, " good" do you have copy of that??? I'd like a copy of that. As soon as he saw they where changed from what he knew them to be...he gave back the paper and REFUSED to treat me as to those Guidelines....Said he will only give me 21 days of Doxy and won't see me again.

       I explained to him this was what happened a long time ago, I had lots of issues, had to pay out of pocket for a LLMD to treat me and got better from the Bells Palsy I got and many other things.

       I went home did the 21 days,  a couple months later I got severe Bells Palsy, same place he works does not want to follow the National again treated me the wrong way,  some of my Bells Palsy is gone but the rest won't get better, because they REFUSE to treat me the proper way...So what good is this great TEST!!!!!>>???

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