Mirnagreen develops technology to use plant microRNAs for protecting people’s health

Plant microRNAs could be a game-changer in the prevention of chronic-inflammation related diseases; Mirnagreen, a nutraceutical company based in Italy, has developed technology to exploit the bioactive capacity of microRNA on our immune system, and it has been selected by Hello Tomorrow Non-profit as one of the world’s top 500 deep-tech start-ups

Fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of death from Non Communicable Diseases


Fruit and vegetables are good for health, and everybody knows it. Unfortunately, the world average consumption is well below the WHO recommended daily intake of 400 g and in Europe, according to Eurostat, over 34% of the population aged 15 or over does not eat them on a daily basis (Eurostat, 2014). It is really a pity because fruit and vegetables are not only a good source of water and minerals but can protect us from disease. Indeed, epidemiological studies show that their daily consumption is the most effective strategy to prevent the onset of chronic-inflammation related diseases.

In addition to fiber, antioxidants, and minerals, fruit and vegetables contain another class of micronutrients called microRNAs and recent research has shown that the anti-inflammatory capacity of fruit and vegetables is attributable tothese tiny nucleic acids molecules never before associated to diet/health interactions. The problem is,these molecules are poorly assimilated through the diet. Thus, the more fruit and vegetables you eat the higher their anti-inflammatory efficacy. Mirnagreen, anutraceutical company based in the Italian university town of Trento, has now developed cutting-edge technologies for extracting plant microRNAs and increasing x 25 fold their bioavailability through novel formulations. A daily dose of Mirnagreen is equivalent to the protective microRNA power of 2 Kg of fruit and vegetables.

Mirnagreen’s founder is Dr. Roberto Viola, former Research Director of the renowned Edmund Mach Foundation, and the start-up is accelerated at Industrio. Thanks to its promising and highly innovative technologies the start-up has just been selected by Hello Tomorrow Non-profit as one of the world’s top 500 deep-tech start-ups.



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